What To Expect in Thailand

What To Expect in Thailand

First time visitors who do not know What To Expect in Thailand will be Delighted to discover that the often used description “The Land of Smiles” is entirely accurate!! At the risk of bursting your Bubble I have to warn you that Smiling is something which for a Thai is a Cultural imperative!! The beaming Smile which greets you does not mean that you are being accepted. A dazzling Smile is just the way Thai’s have learned to greet everyone while they assess whether you may be of any use to them.What To Expect in Thailand

Thailand’s flawed Culture necessitates that Thai’s greet one another with the obligatory Smile and an appropriate Wai!! The Wai is the traditional Thai greeting of placing the palms together and holding the hands at around Chin height while making a slight bow!! The higher up the face the hands are held and the deeper the bow indicating that an inferior person is being careful to show utmost respect to his Superior!! The manner in which the Wai is executed making it clear immediately who is in charge. As my Australian Pal puts it the Wai indicates immediately that one Party is saying “You can F**k me” and that the other Party is responding ” I know dam well I can F**k you!!” Fear is the reason that Thais will greet a new acquaintance in the above manner, fear that this unknown person is someone powerful who could do them harm!!

So you have arrived in “The Land of Smiles” a Country with a deeply confused and conflicted Culture. You do not Know What To Expect in Thailand. Your first and greatest surprise and disappointment will be to discover that Thai’s do not like you!! Lower Class Thais (The Majority) have few Ethnic Groups upon whom they can actually Look Down, so they Nurture their Disdain for Foreigners Particularly Westerners!! Of course you will encounter lots of Smiley Thai’s, however if you are a perceptive person you will quickly understand that they are weighing you up while they figure if there is anything to be gained from your having a good opinion of them. When they discover that there is no particular benefit in befriending you the Smile and the Thai are quickly gone!!

What To Expect in Thailand


I can understand my readers wondering why, if I have such a low opinion of Thai’s I am still here!! This is a good question and I will attempt to answer it in this piece. I think the first point is that Thailand is a relatively easy and inexpensive place to live. While I stand by every word I utter regarding the Thais Disdain for us it is still possible to deal with them, it is just a question of ignoring the Negatives while enjoying the Positives!!! Just to stray off the subject for a short time I am reminded of a Summer I spent traveling around the Greek Islands with my Girlfriend some 45 Years ago, we were both struck as I recall by how UNFRIENDLY many of the Islanders we met were!!! The frosty attitude of a substantial number of Greek Villagers however did not ruin our Summers Traveling!!

Talking of Positives have I mentioned the Women!! A friend and I were in this Towns Glitzy New Shopping Mall the other Day. We both felt compelled to comment on the sheer numbers of Truly Gorgeous Women on Display!! In fact our joint Opinion was that One could observe more incredibly Sexy Women here in One Hour than One would see in Paris,London and New York in a Week!! Of course all of these Gorgeous Women utilize their looks to the maximum. If they cannot nail a wealthy Thai ( Because of the Thai Class System Most Cannot) then they will have to make do with a Falang. The Beautiful (Trophy) ones do not come cheap they realize that they have a sell by date and want to make as much as they can while they can!! What To Expect in Thailand

Readers may also wonder why when I freely give as my opinion that the Vast Majority of Thai Women you will meet are only after your Money that I still encourage Men to come here!! In fact nothing I say or do not say is going to stop Western Men from seeking a Sexy Thai Lady. For any number of reasons many Men simply want to try out living in a New Country. Thailand with all it’s Dangers, is I believe still the best Destination for all of You Guys.

The Philippines where I spent a Vacation is, I suspect more Dangerous (I have never seen so many Guns!!) Filipino Women make the Thais look like Sunday School Teachers when it comes to Scamming Western Men. And should a Thai Boyfriend see you with his Girlfriend usually nothing will be said (The Boyfriend is getting a piece of the action.) Whereas a Filipino Boyfriend who catches you with His Girlfriend, if he does not carry a Gun is certain to have a knife and will cut out your entrails, and that is What To Expect in ThailandGuaranteed!! As an American Guy I met in Chiangmai explained to me, any Country which was a Colony of Spain has as it’s Legacy enormous Corruption and Violence. One only has to look at Mexico if seeking confirmation of the above theory and the Philippines is no different!!

What I am trying to impart to Men who come here is to keep their Guard up. I was talking to some Thai Women I know Vaguely in the Park where I go for my Morning run. These Women are in early Middle Age they have all had at least one Falang half of the Group still have the House which they kept when their Falang got the Chop!! The Ones with the best English are Fishing seeing what they can hook on the Internet Chat Sites!! The Lady I know best is helping Her Friend move into Her New House Tomorrow the House has been paid for by a Falang it cost Four Million Baht £80,000 or $128.000. I would be surprised if the Falang makes it till Christmas!!

Bearing all of the above in mind Men who come here have to play their cards close to their Chest. You have to ensure that you are the one calling the shots,do not allow yourself to be put in a position where you are being coerced into supporting a Lazy Thai Family!! One must NOT be afraid to walk away from situations like this, there are 9 Million other Issan Women who want to be your Girlfriend!! In Short you have to play the Issan Ladies at their own game and outfox them. Nobody is interested in the Bleating s of a Feeble Minded Falang who has been stupid enough to allow himself to be Ripped Off!! There are no runner up prizes here you have to be the Winner!!










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