What Thai Women Want

Of course the answer to the question What Thai Women Want is Money. This however is not the only answer what these Thai Women want to go with Money is Status.In a Country where the Poor are held in contempt by the Rich. And in a Region which is looked down on by the rest of Thailand Money equates to Status and Status equals Power!!

What Thai Women Want

Who would Guess a Lady-Boy

The dominant emotion amongst many Issan Women appears to be jealousy.They are extremely Jealous of all Falang whom they consider to be the undeserving Rich.They are jealous of their Friends and acquaintances who have a Falang. My Girlfriend has some of the nastiest Bitchiest Neighbors One can imagine.These prying Neighbors observe that my Girlfriend and Her Sons are well dressed and that the Youngest rides an expensive Motorcycle, the first and only conclusion which is drawn is that the Falang is paying for everything!!

Of course the Pretty/Smart Thai Women are too busy Ripping off Falang to be jealous. As long as these Women are making Money they will quite happily give the Falang what he wants.That said I am sure that all of these Women get a vicarious thrill from the fact that they are able to extract large sums of Money from sometimes more than one supposedly Smart Westerner!! The Woman featured in this Post is certainly not pretty but  makes up for this with Her forceful personality and Native Cunning.

I first met the Sacrificial Falang a Couple of Years ago when he was staying at the same Apartment Building as I was.Patrick is Irish,I think a rather shy Man with a quiet Charm which is the Hallmark of many well educated Irish folk.At the time of our first meeting I seem to remember he was with another Thai Lady.It transpires Patrick was in a Love Triangle with two Thai Ladies vying for his affections (For affections read Money!!) this is after all What Thai Women Want!!

What Thai Women Want

Hot Totty

There was a Showdown between the Women in Pataya which, I think even involved a bit of hair pulling.The Woman whom Patrick considered the stronger and more aggressive lost and Patrick became the property of a rather Shrew faced Woman the wrong side of 50!! Of course the reason the Victor fought so hard was for the exact reason that She was 50 and no Beauty the chances of Her finding another malleable Falang were slim to non existent and as far as any Thai Man was concerned She was well and truly On The Shelf !! Patrick was a prize worth fighting for and She was determined to get the controlling interest!!

I do not know Patrick very well at all and have probably only spoken to him on eight or nine occasions. I started seeing a bit more of him and his Woman recently as they moved into an Apartment Building near my Girlfriends Hairdressing Shop.I think Patrick is quite attracted to my Girlfriend and when he passes Her Shop and She is not busy He stops to say Hello. My Woman quite quickly picked up on the Fact that Patrick’s Woman was “Not Good”!! I imagine that in a general sense Patrick understands What Thai Women Want but most Falang involved with a Thai Woman seem to convince themselves that their one is different!!

There is an unspoken conspiracy between Thai Women who are shaking down a Falang.They generally tend to Badmouth and denigrate their Falang to each other being careful to speak Lao which not many Falang can understand.Of course all Issan Ladies with a Falang imagine that every other Issan Woman in the same situation is doing exactly the same as themselves i.e. screwing the poor Sucker for every last Baht they can get. What Thai Women Want is in fact everything!!

In light of the above my Girlfriend was made aware by the subtext of Her conversations with the Shrew that she is in fact a Falang Hater and is trying to squeeze as much as possible out of poor Old Patrick.Of course if Patrick’s Thai Tart guessed that the tittle tattle was being relayed to me She would be very angry indeed!! So far the Shrew Faced Hustler has managed to get a Motorbike at a cost of 45,000 Baht £1,100.She has also managed to get Patrick to Bankroll Her in a small Business, making and selling clothes in one of the Towns Markets.What Thai Women Want

I happened to run into the Happy Couple a few Weeks back,the Woman interrogated me as to why I  do not visit my Girlfriends Shop more often.I explained that I did not wish to see my Woman’s lazy useless Sons. I then,possibly foolishly went on to explain my theory that the reason Thailand has literally Millions of absolutely Fucking useless Men is because of Stupid Thai Mothers like my Girlfriend!! Of course my observations did not go down well and the atmosphere between myself and the Shrew immediately  became rather Frosty!! I am also pretty sure that She had swiftly recognized a potentially Dangerous Falang who knew the score as regards What Thai Women Want!!

Next time Patrick and his Woman were passing my Girlfriends Shop Patrick’s Thai Lady relayed the gist of the exchange she had had with me.She expressed Her outrage that I was not lavishing money on the obnoxious teenagers. In short what She was spouting is the Litany of what Greedy Thai Women aim to squeeze out of any Falang with whom they are involved!!The Shrew added Her hopes that something very bad would happen to me and that I ought to leave Thailand and go back to Scotland!!

The latest intelligence I have from my Girlfriend is that the Shrew is building up to the Big One and trying to talk Patrick into buying Her a House!! I do not think Patrick is a Stupid Man, He was an Army Officer.He appears to be a thoughtful Kind Man,but not particularly well equipped to deal with  the machinations of a forceful demanding Thai Whore!! Getting a Falang to buy them a House is the Holy Grail of countless Thai Women. On occasion the couple pass my Girlfriends Shop and poor Old Patrick is being shouted at and abused by his piece of Thai Trash who is obviously attempting to coerce him into the House purchase!!What Thai Women Want

The reality is that when a House is purchased by a Falang it is legally the Property of the person whose name the Land is in and this has to be a Thai!! Of course what this means is that the House belongs to the Woman! It is shortly after the House purchase that the Falang realizes that he has walked into a trap!! Should he start raising objections regarding the never ending demands for Cash, he will be made aware that his services are no longer required!! There are Thousands of Issan Women and their Families happily living in Houses that have been bought by a Falang who has long since been forced to “Walk The Plank!!!”

If I were to meet Patrick when he was alone I would be tempted to deliver some kind of warning.One however has to be incredibly careful in these situations, as my Girlfriend observed Patrick loves the Lady Mac Mac (Very Much) .The reality however is that in Thailand it is best to mind your own Business. Hopefully readers of this Blog will have learned enough to avoid ever getting into a situation like Patrick’s!!


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