Understanding Your Thai Girl-Friend

The Chronicles of Intuon

Understanding Your Thai Girl-Friend


I am afraid that the above Title Understanding Your Thai Girl-Friend is a somewhat Whimsical device to Grab your attention.The fact is that an Army of Psychoanalysts working for Decades could never hope to Crack the Sheer Nuttiness of any and All Thai Women!! While some Thai Women are downright Bad and All have a distinct tendency toward Greed there are degrees of Cunning that none but a seasoned observer is likely to spot. I have recounted on numerous occasions the Callous Avarice of many Thai Women who deliberately set out to ensnare a Gullible Western Man and take him for every Penny he has.I have met countless Women like the Ones I describe and Generally speaking it is quite easy to recognize them for what they are!! Tragically very many Western Men do not become aware of the exact nature of the Beast until it is too late!! In these instances Understanding Your Thai Girl-Friend is desperately important, as in many cases a Man’s entire future is blighted if he does not comprehend what is happening!!  

Understanding Your Thai Girl-Friend

Intuon and I on a Picnic

In many ways so far I have been rather lucky with my Thai Girl-Friend. Intuon is Greedy in a rather Childlike way. The youngest in a fairly large Thai Family Intuon’s Father Died while Her Mother was still carrying Her. I am sure that She was Spoiled and had a rather disturbed Childhood. An elder Sister and Brother have gone on to become successful in Business. While Intuon has drifted from one mishap and financial crisis to the next. Not even managing to break even while running Her Hairdressing Business from a Brand New Shop where She also lived  with the Boys. Purchased by Her Sister as an investment this Shop was given to Intuon Rent Free around three Years ago. At the end of each Month  Intuon had not even managed to save enough to pay the Water and Electricity Bills this kind of hand to mouth existence is the Norm for the majority of Thais!! Most Thais have a tendency to spend what they have Today and let Tomorrow take care of itself, this financial illiteracy is very noticeable in Intuon!

Intuon Married a very Handsome Vietnamese Man and had two Sons. Thai Culture ensures that Boys are spoiled and Intuon has certainly achieved that. For whatever reason Intuon became disenchanted with Her Husband and drove Him away. My feeling is that the Husband became Jealous as He saw that the Boys and not he were getting all the attention. It is also possible that he tried to prevent the Boys being Ruined by a Truly Stupid Mother. Whatever the reason he left and Intuon continued to Spoil Her Sons. Fast forward to my coming on the Scene almost Five Years ago now. Intuon was living in a Ramshackle Shop from where She ran Her Hairdressing Business. Her Sons were at this time 11 and 13. Titan the elder was a rather Chubby Boy who was quick to Scowl, neither did he make any attempt to hide his Jealousy of Me. The Younger Boy Peter is a Good looking Kid but displayed signs of insecurity.

Understanding Your Thai Girl-Friend

On Showing off Her new Outfit

When any Thai Woman captures a Falang (Westerner) the expectation is that he is going to take care (Financially) of Her and Her Family. I have to admit that for a short while I gave Intuon several Thousand Baht every month ( this is like a Salary) and as I say it is the norm. Gradually however as the Mist/Lust lifted and I realized that (A) the Boys cordially despised me and (B) no matter how much Money you give ANY Thai Woman She will always want MORE, I stopped the Payouts informing Intuon that I was happy to take Her for a Good Dinner every now and then and in addition every couple of Months I would Buy Her one or two  New Dresses!!

While I am sure this new arrangement was thoroughly unwelcome Thais have a tendency in the absence of a better offer to take what they can get even if it is less than they wished it were!! Over the intervening Years there have been many desperate requests for Money which I have turned down in fact I must admit it has become something of a Game!! As a dear Friend of mine remarked when a Thai Woman and Her Family describe him as Kii Neow  (Stingy/Mean) He considers it a Badge of Honour and knows He is doing something right!!

As Her Sons have got older and their demands for Cash have grown exponentially  Intuon requests a Cash Payment for Sex. I know that this may seem Sordid to some but between Her and Her Greedy Sons Money just disappears.This coupled with the fact that Intuon is Bulimic and devours vast quantities of Food which She then Pukes Up means that like a Junkie searching for a Fix Intuon is constantly looking for Money to Buy food!!As regards giving Intuon some pocket Money when we go to bed I admit to finding it rather stimulating, and as Intuon provides the best Sex I have ever had in my life I am quite happy to give Her enough for the next Food Binge!!

I feel sorry for Intuon who I know has a pretty Crap life (Albeit of Her own making) She refuses to believe me when I tell Her that She has a disease called Bulimia and that She needs to talk to a Psychiatrist. In fact Intuon is a regular visitor at the Local Hospital but Lies to the Doctors. I try explaining that in order to help Her the Doctors have to be given the facts. Intuon however who at times I am convinced has had Her cognitive reasoning process interfered with by Aliens continues to delude both Herself and the Doctors!! I am the only one who knows about Her condition which She made me aware of around 18 Months ago!! I think that in spite of the language difficulties (My Thai is still not that Good) I have become a safety valve where Intuon can unload some of Her Problems!!  

Understanding Your Thai Girl-friend

Intuon enjoying a Beer at my Place the Other Lunchtime

Lest readers think that Intuon and I have a miserable time in fact we have a lot of Laughs!! She tells me I am Kii Neow and a Kwai (Buffalo) the worst insult a Thai can use and I tell Her that She is Bah (Crazy!!) She calls round most Lunch times and eats some disgusting Issan Food while watching TV. And some Days we share a few Beers and go to Bed for the Afternoon. In a way I think my place has become a sanctuary where She can escape the never ending demands of Her useless Sons!! Although “Love Baby” is a constant refrain at times Intuon confides just how impossibly Spoiled, Greedy and Lazy the Boys have become “Baby no Love Intuon” is a Sad Lament which is uttered with increasing regularity !! Unfortunately Intuon seems incapable of recognizing far less confronting Her Problems which I am very much afraid will only Multiply as  time passes!!   TO BE CONTINUED.         

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