Thailand Behind the Painted Smile

Thailand AKA “The Land of Smiles” is an exotic Land. A Land of amazing Beaches, Steamy Jungles and Beautiful Women. Thai Women are the reason most Single Western Men come here, they give the impression of being Totally Approachable and Ripe for the Plucking!! The observant Man will notice however that he is not actually doing the Plucking ( He is being Plucked!!) a Thai Lady has “Weighed him up and decided that She will get some, maybe a lot of Money by Nailing Him”!!Thailand Behind the Painted Smile

Most Newbies to Thailand still “Wet Behind the Ears” can not and in most cases Do Not want to Comprehend the REALITY which is that a Thai Woman’s  only interest in Westerners is to Accumulate as much Money as She can in as short a time as possible!!! I should explain that I live in Issan Thailand’s Largest and poorest region!! 22 Million Thais live here, most of them did not make it beyond the 6th Grade in School,and employment Prospects are Poor!! Huge numbers of Issan Men simply do not work content to be supported by their Mothers and Sisters!! The way these Families function is totally Alien to the Western mind!! A Seemingly Intelligent Woman who Manages a Western style Supermarket where I Shop explained that it makes Her feel Good to think that She can Support Brothers who do not work!! Of course I see Her as being Stupid and the Brothers as Lazy Shiftless Layabouts, However THAT IS THE WAY IT IS HERE!!

If you become the Partner of an Issan Woman it is a 100 to 1 that you WILL be asked to contribute to Pocket Money for Her (Usually Rather Large!!) family!! No matter how these requests are dressed up the REALITY is the Family see that Their Sister has captured a Stupid Falang and as a Loyal Sister and Daughter it is Her BOUNDEN DUTY to come up with cash!! The unemployed Males in the Family require Money for Beer,Cigarettes, Gambling and Buying Sex!!

Unfortunately far too many Western Men are Seduced by the Lovely Smile and the Outrageous Flattery ( I spent 63 Years living in the UK unaware how Handsome I was!!!!!) This all sounds very amusing I know but far too Many Westerners loose everything they have at the Hands of a Thai Woman and Her Lazy/Greedy Family!! I am sure that some readers think I exaggerate and that they will be able to overcome the Obstacles and form a stable relationship with their Thai Sweetheart, I am sorry but YOU WILL NOT!! The Desperately Sad  but when you Understand Thailand, Totally Understandable Truth being that a Western Man means Less Than A SOI DOG to a Thai Woman when compared to Her Family!!

Many Westerners behave in a rather Condescending way toward Thais, secure in the belief that they are far more Worldly Wise than all The Thais they encounter. Let me share a secret with you Thais have no interest in the rest of the World, most will never venture beyond Thailand’s  Borders!! They are indoctrinated at School into believing that Thailand is the Centre of the Universe, Blessed with the Buddhist Religion a Rich Powerful Country Superior to all its Neighbors!! What the Thais lack in Education they more than make up for in Native Cunning and Greed!!

This brings me to a very important and rather disturbing Reality Thais Strongly Dislike Westerners!! Now there are lots of Falangs living here who have Married a Thai Woman many have begun to understand that they are indeed disliked, however as they may have (Foolishly) Invested Money in buying a House etc they are in denial!! I am not expecting the reader to take my word for the above all I ask is that you check out a few Websites Regarding the state of relations between Thais and westerners and draw your own Conclusions!!

With Reference to the above Today (One Day after I Published my latest Scribble!!) there is an Horrendous Video on Twitter which Shows a British Family (Elderly Parents and a Middle aged Son) in the Pleasant Thai resort of Hua Hin a couple of Weeks ago during the Three Day Piss Up which is the Thai New Year “Sonkran” In a Brutal unprovoked Attack the Three were Punched to the Ground and Kicked until they were all Unconscious!! One of the more disturbing (But to Westerners living here unsurprising developments) is the almost total lack of coverage by the Thai Media!! One has to decide if the Thais do not want to show footage which shows their Country in a Bad Light, or if their is a total lack of interest in the Misfortune of Falang!!

Thailand Behind the Painted Smile

As well as being an Exotic Land Thailand can be a Very Dangerous Land! More Britain’s “Per Ca-pita” are Murdered here than anywhere else on Earth!!  Were it not for the ineptitude and Corruption of the Thai Police the number of Westerners Listed as Unlawfully Killed ( Murdered) would be even Higher. It is widely believed by Westerners living here that the true numbers of Murdered Falangs is far higher than that recorded and that Many Killings are conveniently listed as Suicide or Road accidents!!

Let me give a Couple of examples which may help illustrate the point I make above!! The first example is the Frenchman found in His Apartment with His Throat Gouged out by a Broken Bottle as the Door was Chained from the inside it was assumed it must be Suicide, it does however seem like rather a Macabre way to Kill Oneself!! My second example concerns a Rather Unpleasant German Man who, when Drunk Bad Mouthed and Insulted any Thais in his Presence!! This delightful character was Seen Two Months ago leaving a Bar (quite Drunk as usual) he wobbled off on his Motorcycle and his One and Only Friend noticed a number of Young Thais follow him on their Bikes ( These were among some of the People this Dreadful Man had been Rude to!!)  The German was later found Dead with his Motor Cycle laying on top of him!! The Police decided that he had killed Himself in a Drunken Accident!!

The two incidents described above could indeed have been just as the Police described them a Suicide and a Drunken Accident!! Heaven knows a Steady Stream of desperate Westerners Kill Themselves in Thailand on an ongoing basis and deaths from drunken Accidents are Common Place!! As I stated previously if there is any doubt then most Westerners here believe that the Police see no benefit in adding to the already frighteningly High number of Westerners Unlawfully Killed here and conveniently refrain from investigating too closely!!

A Book by Australian Author John Stapleton Paints a Bleak picture regarding the treatment of Foreign Tourists in Thailand. I have linked to a piece about the Book which was published by the Daily Telegraph, readers can link from the Telegraph Article to more details from Stapletons Book and make up their own Minds

Intuon (The Thai Woman with whom I have had an increasingly fraught Relationship with for almost 7 Years) came round the other Day on an Old Wreck of a Motorcycle the Finance company had repossessed her bike as She had not made overdue Payments!! The Word Intuon kept repeating was NEE, now I had no idea what She was talking about, but next Day I asked My Thai/Chinese Friend about NEE!!! My Friend explained that NEE means to Owe Money and be unable to pay it back!!!

ALL OF ISSAN IS NEE!!! It is How these Thais live, they do not consider it to be Shameful or wrong as their Family and Everyone they know is in the same Boat!! Thais do not save, if they have money they spend it!! It is really that Simple, they live for Today, if they have a payment due on their Car finance Tomorrow they will blow the Money Today and when Tomorrow comes they will go to the Family to borrow!! This is the reason Thai Ladies have a Falang (Westerner) because they and their Useless Lazy Brothers are Perpetually NEE and if the Sister has Hooked a Gullible Falang the Family are Queuing up to Pick his Pockets!! Having a Dummy Falang is like having ones own ATM Machine, this dear reader is the ONE and ONLY reason Thai Ladies hunt down Falang!!Thailand Behind the Painted Smile

Readers may be shocked by my Depictions of Lazy/Greedy Issan Families. Firstly not all Families are Lazy and Greedy. The inescapable truth however is due to a Flawed Culture Thai Boys are hopelessly Spoiled by their Mothers and all too many of them have never in fact done a Days Work in their Lives!! Millions of Thai Men have NEVER worked and yet they expect the Females in the Family to Bankroll them. Mothers work on into Old Age to keep Middle Aged Loosers, Sisters are expected to work in the Brothels of Pattaya or Bangkok so that their Usless Brother has enough Money to Gamble on the Lottery!!

Unfortunately the Male Ego being what it is Lots of Western Men will still believe that the Scary things which they read about Thailand and Thais have nothing to do with them. They will still be Ripped off by Thai Ladies and their Families, some will learn the lesson in time.Others unfortunately will loose everything they possess!!



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