Thai Women For Sex


Thai Women For Sex

I admit that this is a rather bleak Title. I have always believed in calling a spade a spade. As regards what Western Men want from Thai Women the title may be stark it is however accurate.No less accurate is my assertion that what Thai Women want in exchange for Sex is Money,Lots of Money!! Problems arise mainly because of the Woman and her Families Greed and the Falangs ignorance about Thai Culture and the Thai Family.Thai Women For Sex

As I have mentioned previously Sex in Thailand is not a particularly big deal.Poor Thai Women who were brought up sleeping in the same room as all the other Family members found out all about Sex while still very young.Sex is considered fun and the Women who are looking for a Falang will have few inhibitions.Many Thai Women who manage to find a Falang continue previous relationships in secret,of course this can cause big problems should the Falang find out he is being Cuckolded.

While the Thai Woman will have experienced no shortage of Sex the Falang has not been terribly active in this department for probably quite some time!! I am making this assumption on the basis of  the Man coming to Thailand to find a Thai Woman For Sex!! It seems to be the case that once Men are over the age of 55 unless they happen to be spectacularly handsome or Rich or Both Sexually Stimulating Partners  disappear.This of course is where Thai Women For Sex come into the Picture,they do not care about your Handsomeness although they are mightily interested in your Riches!!

Apart from looking for a Thai Woman For Sex there are other reasons why Western Men want a Thai Woman. One of the saddest things I have heard recently concerns the Falang I wrote about in a recent piece entitled Thai Reality this was the Guy who bought the Motor Cycle for his Woman’s Delinquent Son!! I am unsure of his actual age but he must be fairly Elderly as I have had it explained that although he is being ripped off by his Issan Woman it is still cheaper for him here than having to go into a Care Home back in Australia ( I do not know why they are referred to as “Care Homes” as nobody involved actually Cares One Little Bit!!Thai Women For Sex

Whilst on the subject of Care I am reminded of something which happened a Couple of Years back.Whilst in the local Immigration Office renewing my Visa.I was engaged in conversation by an Elderly Swedish Man who was accompanied by his Thai Lady.After talking to this Man for just a couple of minutes it became obvious to me that he was suffering from Alzheimer,he did not know whether he had a Visa or not!! At this time my Thai was very basic and the Thai Ladies English was as poor as my Thai, I wanted to find out if she was aware that her Falang had Alzheimer’s. I asked if she had taken him to a Doctor,She had not.

Shortly after I began my Conversation with the confused Falang he and his Woman were ushered into the office of the Senior Immigration Officer.I had finished my business before they reemerged.I am pretty sure that the Thai Woman will have wanted to keep the Frail Old Man in the Village,the Swedish Old age Pension is very Generous.My guess is that the Woman had taken Control of the Poor Guys Money and that the monthly Pension was in all probability keeping the whole Village.

I imagine having access to the finances the Woman will have been able to give the Immigration Guy the sum demanded to fix the Visa. Admittedly all of this is pure speculation on my part. I would like to think that the Old Man will have been well cared for by the Woman and Her Family. If the situation was as I imagined I am sure that the Poor Old Guy was probably happier in a Thai Village than locked away in some sad old CARE HOME !!

Something which never fails to intrigue me is the large number of Falang with Ugly or Fat Thai Women,I am frequently tempted to mention to these Guys that a Pretty One would not cost them any more!! Of course One never says anything , Sure this is not one little bit PC or even very nice but it is my Blog and I feel this gives me the opportunity to say things which others are in fact thinking!! So If you want a Thai Woman and you are Happy to Pay at least get a Pretty One!!Thai Women For Sex

Westerners of the sensible variety who want to live in Thailand can have a great life here.In spite of all the Negatives of which I write Thailand offers many advantages. Living here means you have effectively Inflation Proofed your Pension/Savings overnight. In spite of slightly weaker exchange rates for most Western Currencies against the Thai Baht the incredibly low cost of living here means that you have regained the purchasing power which had been eaten away by Inflation in your Home Country.

Provided that you listen to advice of which there is plenty freely available. And assuming that you are aware of and avoid becoming involved with a Greedy Thai Woman and Her Family simply because you are looking for Thai Women For Sex!! There is no reason why you cannot prosper in Thailand. Thailand is known as the “Land of Smiles” as long as you are sure that you are not being Smiled at in the same way that a Wealthy Idiot might be Smiled upon then you will do OK!!

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