Thai Wives

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 Thai Wives

(Thai Wives should have Thai Husbands!!)

One can find literally Hundreds of examples of Western Men allowing themselves to be systematically cheated by Thai Women. It must be admitted that some of these Men do not look at it in this way and quite Happily shell out large amounts of Cash to  greedy Thai Wives and their equally Greedy Family. The only thing that is a little bit different in this piece being that the Lady in Question is not a sexy young thing from a poor background.

Thai Wives


Lars (not his real name) is Swedish and a Friend of one of my Pals who got the story from the Horses Mouth so to speak.I mentioned that the Lady in question is not Young, Sexy and Poor in fact she is Older,distinctly Unsexy and from a rather wealthy Family. This Woman has a well paid and important job her Father owns a lot of Land and several Mansions (Hotels/Apartments) there is no shortage of cash here!! Yet the terms demanded by this Lady for being Larse’ Sweetheart were harsh in the extreme.

A Large Monthly Salary was demanded,and Met Large amounts of Gold were requested,and subsequently bought and finally Pawned so the Lady could get her hands on the cash (some 300,000 Thai Baht!!! In return Lars was allowed to stay in the Family home where he quite quickly refused to eat his Wife’s cooking due to infestations of  Rats in the kitchen!! The Woman,s Father has never uttered a word to Lars which must make living in close proximity rather uncomfortable.

In return for the Monthly Salary the Woman buys Clothes for Lars (Clothes in Thailand being very inexpensive!!) However when the Lady wanted a new wide screen TV for the Family,who already had a perfectly adequate TV Lars was informed that this was the Husbands responsibility,as indeed was the purchase of any big ticket items for the Family!! I imagine you are getting the picture by now. It would appear that Thai Wives behavior is rather different with a Falang Husband as opposed to a Thai Husband!!

Now all of the above may have been tolerable had the Lady been a Beauty, I have seen this Lady and she has a face which is capable of turning milk sour!! Her behavior is reportedly as unattractive as her looks and when Lars takes her to expensive Restaurants (which are the only places she will eat!!) if something displeases Her She gives Lars a torrent of insulting abuse and then just walks out!! The reader will have gathered by now that Lars does not have very much by way of a Backbone!!

Thai Wives

Thai Bar-Girl

I am not sure exactly how long Lars has been with his demanding Thai Wife but it is several Years,Lars goes back to Sweden for a couple of Months in the Summer but (complying with instructions) he sends a Monthly remittance to his Beloved!! Of course it is abundantly clear to everyone that this Woman does not give a fig for Lars but is in it strictly for the Cash.The sad thing being that my Pal thinks almost from the beginning Lars too was aware of the reality of his Marriage!!

I of course am totally at a loss to understand why any Man would get himself into a situation like this.I am even more amazed that upon realizing he has Married a Greedy Cow that anyone but a complete Moron would hang around to be looted!! As I observe quite frequently it is hardly surprising that Thai’s consider Westerners to be very dim!! My Friend tells me that Lars usually comes over for a couple of Months at a time,however he frequently goes home early as his relationship is so volatile!!

To stray off the point briefly The Thai Lady in question has two Brothers they are typically Lazy Thai Men of very little brain.When someone wants to discuss anything important with these two Heroes he does it via their Sister.One Brother was the Physical Education Teacher at an impoverished School in the Countryside.This useless Man would frequently go sick as his Hangover was too bad to allow him to work.

The Sister received a phone call offering Her Brother the top Job at a Large New School in Town.This was in every way a vast improvement in his circumstances , of course it was also a position beyond his very limited abilities!! The cost of buying the Job 40,000 Baht!! The other Brother is a Policeman.The Sister was made aware that Her Brother could have the Number two Position in a large important Issan Town,the Cost One Million Baht!!

Buying Jobs in the Thai Public Sector is the Norm no job worth having comes for free!! As regards paying a Million Baht for a Senior Police Job this is testament as to how much more than a Million will be taken in Bribes!! Thai’s loath,despise and fear their Police,in Western Countries while the Police may not be beloved by the majority everyone acknowledges that they are crucial in protecting us from Bad,Dangerous People. In Thailand the Police ARE the Bad Dangerous people from whom Thai’s have no one to protect them!!

My point here is that Lars is Married to a Greedy, ambitious Thai Woman who is a pivotal figure in her Wealthy Corrupt Family.While the Father can find One Million Baht to buy his Son a Top Cop job he cannot spring for a new TV this is left to the Falang!! Lars has returned to Sweden and apparently stopped communicating with his Thai Wife. I believe  the Wife is rather put out as Her Monthly Paycheck has ceased!! Perhaps Lars has come to his senses I sincerely hope so!!

Sad to relate apart from the fact that Larse’s Wife is from an affluent Family there is no difference between Her and the Thousands of Issan Women Hunting for a Falang!! These people are Greedy and they are ruthless!! My best advice is to stay out of serious relationships,at least until you have been here for a reasonable length of time and know what is going on.You can have lots of fun having a couple of Beers in the Girly Bars and spending some time with the Lao Ladies.



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