Thai Marriage Agencies


Thai Marriage Agencies

Lake Palmer’s Story


Hold the Presses I just found this Video on You Tube it is rather Long and Trisha is Trash TV at it’s worst but the first Five Minutes are worth a watch!! This Video was obviously made between Lake’s short affair with Jad and his Nervous Breakdown!! He undoubtedly talks mainly nonsense, and this latest adventure will obviously have been his final Fling. If am understanding the Chronology correctly it was Thailand and his costly purchase from the Thai Marriage Agency the Philippines and then Goodnight Vienna I am depressed and shall spend the rest of my life in Bed!!

The above Video fills in a little more of the pieces and shows that Lake went down with all Guns Blazing. Ignoring the lessons that he should have learned after wasting his money on  Thai Marriage Agencies and coming up with a deceptively Charming Thai Wife , our Lad’s off to the Philippines for what will inevitably be another bloody nose!!! If he thought Thai Ladies were Heartless he is about to find out why Philippians are considered some of the best Scammers on Earth!!

Thai Marriage Agencies completes the story of Lakes decent into a solitary Old Age, the thought of which seems to terrify him!! Whilst I am Apt to Brand Men like Lake as Idiots One cannot help but feel a modicum of sympathy for him. I think using a Thai Dating Agency was the last desperate move of a Lonely Mentally Frail Man. If ever a Man needed a break he was the one but coming to Thailand of all places to find Love, particularly if you do not have the money to pay for it, let us get real here!!

Using a Thai Marriage Agency which saw him as just another chunk of change and being Snared by a Shrewd operator like Jad lead One to believe that the Fates were Truly Conspiring against Poor Lake Palmer! I found the following article on the Net about a Year after I first saw all the Louis Theroux Videos. I recently published Thai Dating Agencies and this Post concludes the story of how one Foolish Man’s search of S.E. Asia’s Take Away Bride facilities ended up with him still failing to understand that the dream which he was pursuing never existed, at least not for someone with very little Money!!

 Internet Article

The 60-year-old admits he was taken for a fool by an Asian beauty he married only three days after they met.
She strung him along for eight months before dumping him for another rich European man, leaving him £12,000 in debt.
Now Lake, a former Army captain who served in the Borders, spends his days in bed, suffering from depression.
Lake married Panom Yeesoon nicknamed Jad in a Buddhist ceremony in Thailand four years ago.
He was convinced he had found a woman who would love and care for him for the rest of his life.
When he returned home, he bombarded her with gifts, money and love letters. But eight months later, after failing to get a visa to come to Britain, she dumped him for someone else.
Lake said: ‘I know people will say I’m a silly old man but I am very lonely. Growing old on your own is frightening.
I was just looking for someone who would give me companionship in my twilight years a bit like Fred.’
A former offshore gas rig worker, Lake was forced to retire in 2000 due to ill-health. He had been married twice before but neither relationship had lasted more than five years.
He decided to seek a Thai bride through an introduction agency. It cost him £1385 and a further £800 to get to Bangkok, where he met Jad. She was 45 but looked much younger.
‘She had a regal quality,’ he said. ‘She was slim and very well-dressed. I was swept off my feet.’
On their second day together, he proposed. They married the following day in a hastily arranged Buddhist ceremony. Luckily for him, Lake had forgotten his decree absolute and couldn’t get the paperwork together for a legally binding ceremony. So, what he went through was only a blessing.
He slept with Jad on their wedding night and spent five more romantic days with her, before taking his pre-booked flight home.
She pledged to follow him as soon as her visa came through. It was August 2000 and Lake thought they’d be together by Christmas.
From his home in Great Yarmouth, he ran up a telephone bill of £1800 and sent her £1500 and lavish gifts.
But she was refused a visa. It turned out she was still legally married to another Englishman.
Ever hopeful, Lake continued to correspond and send money until April 2001, when she told him in a telephone call she had met a Belgian man and didn’t want to know him any more.
He said: ‘I cried for six weeks and I’ve lost all my confidence. I only have my Army pension to live on. I think that’s why she didn’t want me.
I’ve had a nervous breakdown and I’m still desperately lonely.

I wonder how many people watching the Video can state honestly that they had any doubts about Jad being the Woman she said she was!! I am betting that the fact she still had an English Husband would never have occurred  to anyone. I know she had me fooled my take was poor Woman imagine being hooked up with an Idiot like HIM.

In the Video Jad tells us that she is the Owner of Her own House and that she also has a car. We are talking about a rather well off Middle Class Thai Woman, who in fact does not need the Money she extracts from these Men. Middle Class Women are in fact Greedier, Smarter and a lot more dangerous than the Little Issan/ Lao Trollope’s who have been dispatched by their Family to Nail a Falang!!

Jad of course would not accept that she has done anything wrong and in a purely legal sense she has not. She did not commit Bigamy as the Ceremony she took part in with Lake was not a Legal Marriage. What she has done is take every last bit of Cash which Lake has. As regards taking Lake to the Cleaners Financially she will State and be correct in stating that he offered to send the Cash and the Gifts!! Non of her Thai Friends and Family would think for one minute that what she has done is Wrong!! All of the foregoing does not alter the fact that She is a Greedy, Grasping Thai Hustler who is no Different to a Pataya Whore or put another way a typical Thai Woman!!


Thai Marriage Agencies

A Couple of Cute Thai Trollope s!


Regarding Thai Marriage Agencies like the one  which charged Lake Palmer £1.400.00 for it’s Services they obviously do not run any kind of Checks on the Women they have on their Books, if they did the fact that Jad was in fact still Married might have been a point of some interest. In fact the information they supply about these Women is simply what the Women have chosen to tell them and the Agency has no way of knowing (and assuredly does not care!!) what is fact and what is fiction.

My take on the above is to believe Nothing you are told by any Thai (until such time as it can be verified as truthful to your entire satisfaction!!) Obviously I warn you most strongly against using any Thai Marriage Agency not only are they Grossly overpriced but using them will lead any prospective Partner to suppose that you are Criminally Careless with your Money (Which of course will make you a Hot Property in Thailand!!) If you really have money to burn why not open a Home for distressed Lady-Boys or Aged Bar-Girls!!

As stated previously you can meet Dozens of Beautiful Thai Women on Thai Love Links. As long as you retain your objectivity, do not allow yourself to become infatuated ( if you do this you may as well send over your ATM Card and Pin Number because your Money will inevitably be waving you goodbye before long!!) Resist the Temptation to form any kind of On-Line Relationship rather wait till you get here and meet some of these Women in Town (Not in some Poor Thai Village where you will be the Main attraction at the Freeloaders Ball!!!

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