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This Video depicts in a little over 3 Minutes just how (A) Stupid Many Falang who come to Thailand  really are and (B) just How Easy it can be for Issan Trailer Park Trash to Get Their Hands on The Falangs Money!!


I imagine that most people understand that Love Can Not be bought, it follows that Men coming to Thailand to ” Find Love” are on a Fools Errand. Given that most Men are not hopeless Romantics they will usually settle for the next best thing-Sex this being the case Thailand is the place to be!! As a destination for those seeking to rejuvenate their Sex Life Thailand has no equal!!Thai Lovers

The Men who get into trouble here are the ones who cannot differentiate between Love and Sex!!  The majority of  Thai Woman will sell you Sex!!  Of course if She thinks it is going to increase the Bottom Line Heartfelt Declarations of Love will be thrown into the Mix by your Thai Totty!! It is the Men who allow themselves to believe these expressions of undying devotion who will be hung out to Dry here!!

I never cease to be amazed and appalled by the large numbers of stupid Western Men in Thailand who allow themselves to be hoodwinked by a Woman who anyone with half an Eye can instantly spot as Thai “Trailer Park Trash”!! Some of these relationships can endure for Years if the Man has no Capital but is reliant on a Monthly Pension, the Women being smart enough to figure out that there is no big score to be had here, but rather a “Dripping Roast” !! A whole Thai Family can be supported in this way for Years as long as Mum keeps the Falang Happy!!

Of  Course if the Falang has plenty of Money like the Poor Dim-Witted American in the Video. A Cunning Little Issan Whore is going to take Him for the Full 9 Yards!! Noi the Bar-Girl can not have believed Her Luck when She came up with this Sucker!! Not only did he Pay Her Parents Sinsot ( A Dowry) for the privilege of Marrying their Prostitute Daughter, he also stumped up $200,000 to transform their Shanty Town Shack into a Livable Dwelling.

In fact the improvements to the House will only have cost $30,000 at most the rest will have gone on the usual Thai Toys i.e. Pick up Trucks Motorcycles and Huge TVs!!!  The fortune Noi took  the Falang for should have set Her Family up for life, but Thais being Thais the money will have been spent as quickly as it came in!!

Unbelievably the poor deranged Numb Nuts who has been comprehensively Shafted by Noi finishes off His Sad Video with a plea to Noi to Come back and Restart their Love!! Firstly on the American Guys side it was not Love it was Lust, and regarding Noi all She was interested in was the ATM sign stamped on The Americans forehead!! The ATM sign is invisible to all Falang but Greedy Thai Whores can see it at a Hundred Paces!! In fact were Noi to get in touch with Mr Lonely Broken Heart I have no doubt She could take him for another $200.000!!

Incidentally no Thai Man would have the remotest interest in Marrying an Issan Bar Girl far less paying Sinsot for Her!!  It is because of  occurrences like this that Thousands of Issan Females are paying a lot of Money to learn English in the hope that they can find a Stupid/Rich Falang!!  Thais love to Gamble and for a reasonable looking Issan Woman the Odds on finding  a Dumb Falang are very much greater than those of winning the Lottery!!

By Coincidence I recently Published a Spoof Post about a Fictitious Issan Family and the Name I chose for the Daughter was Noy!!  Although the Post was intended to be Humorous the Behaviors it depicted and the Type of Low-Life Thais who featured in it are to be found everywhere in Issan!! In fact as an explanation of where the Stupid Falang in the Vide’o’s $200,000  may have gone it is probably Bang On The Money!!!

More Dangerous by far than the Low Class Bottom Feeders are the Middle Class Thai Ladies in their early Middle Years. I wrote recently of  a Gaggle of these Women whom I chat to in the Park. These Women all drive nice Cars they congregate in the Park after dropping their Kids off at the Towns Best School ( Incidentally my Girlfriend Paid for both her Boys to attend this School. The Lady-Boy was kicked out after he failed the exams which all Pupils take at around age 15 and the Youngest Boy is still there) Some of these Women are living in Houses which were bought by a Falang ( The Falang long since having got the Chop!!) The ones who speak the Best English are trawling the Dating Sites every evening looking for another big score!!Thai Lovers

The Woman who comes across as the Alpha Female and who incidentally speaks the Best English has found Herself an Englishman who works somewhere in the Middle East, I am not quite sure what he does but he is very well paid!! I have chatted to this Woman on and off for a number of Years now. I would judge Her as being hard as Nails!! And I have no doubt that She will succeed in taking a great deal of Money from Her Falang!! This is the Thai Reality!!Thai Lovers

For Women such as the Ones I write of taking Money from Stupid, Simple Minded Falang is the most natural thing in the World!! While Middle Class Women in America play Tennis and Middle Class Women in Europe obsess over keeping in front of the Joneses and maintaining a Stick Like Figure!! A great Many Middle Class Women here regale their Friends with tales of the large sums they are acquiring from a Feeble Minded Falang!! in fact the sneakier the tricks they are playing to obtain Cash the more kudos they earn!!!



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