Thai Lady

 Thai Lady

My Girl-Friend  runs Her own quite successful Hairdressing Business.A fairly large percentage of her Thai Lady Clients from age 16 to 60 are running a Falang.Some of the really pretty ones are running two or even three. A Falang who lives and works in his home Country,only visiting Thailand two or three times a year is the ideal prize.

Of course in order to successfully manage these long distance relationships it is essential for these Women to speak passable English.My Girlfriend firmly believes that all Thai Women who speak good English have only learned it in order to make Money out of Falangs, Allowing for an element of exaggeration I basically agree with my Girlfriend’s assessment. Given that Thai’s do not particularly like Falang what other reason could there be for learning English!

Thai Lady

If you just want to GO FOR IT Pataya is the Obvious Choice

Loving conversations on the Telephone and smoochy chats Via Webcam ensure that the Falang is kept on the Boil!!Thus ensuring that the Thai Lady will receive her Monthly Salary,normally around 20-25 thousand Thai Baht (£400-£500 or $600-700) now the Top Earners may be getting this amount from three different Men what it adds up to is a fortune, by Issan standards these Women are Millionaires!!

Most of the Girls described above will not save anything,they will inevitably give generous Cash support to their Families.Lazy Brothers will be bought Motorcycles, Fathers will be kept in Beer and Cigarettes, whilst Mothers may be helped to pay off some of their Gambling Debts.The Girls themselves may well be heavy Gamblers,lower class Thai’s have a particular weakness for Gambling and the large Debts they often incur is just one more reason why Pretty Daughters are encouraged to find a Falang!!

Thai Lady

A Nice Wee Katoye (Lady-Boy)

Of course many of these Women will also have a Thai Boyfriend. Milking several Falang whilst romancing a Thai Man does not give these Women the tiniest qualm of conscious.The Woman’s Thai Boyfriend and indeed Her Family do not care how Many Falang She has to screw,as long as the money keeps coming in.As I have mentioned before most of these Females are poorly educated all they really have is there looks and the more Falang who lavish Money on them the more their self esteem grows, The reason my Girlfriend knows these Women’s stories is because they boast to her about the latest I Phone or piece of Gold Jewelry that some DUMB Falang has given them.

I was intrigued by how many of these Women are,according to my Girlfriend Screwing a Local Policeman or indeed Police men while their Falangs are out of Town. The reason is two fold firstly the Thai Police are thought of in much the same way as the Mafia and these frankly stupid Women think that screwing one gives them Kudos!! The second reason is quite simple and in fact makes perfect sense.Thai Towns are full of petty Thieves,Drug Addicts etc.When a pretty young Woman is screwing multiple Falang and seen to be Flashing money around (Something no Thai can resist doing) it becomes common knowledge amongst this Underclass.that here is someone who may be coerced into sharing some of her wealth.Having a Policeman as a Boyfriend ensures that anyone attempting to help the Lady spend her cash will have the Business end of a Thai Cops gun jabbed purposefully in the Face,thus relieving the Lady of threats from this quarter in the future!!Thai Lady

In reality Lovesick Pussywhiped Western Men have no defenses against a cunning Sexy Thai Female.These Guys are not thinking objectively and go like Lambs to the Slaughter.Fleecing Falang is a widely practiced and much Admired way to get ahead here in Issan.While the Woman’s acquaintances will be wildly jealous of the Money she is making they will also be impressed by her Prowess in collecting Falang!!   Men who think that they have established a Special Relationship with their Thai Sweetheart are thought of by the Lady as an easy Mark no more or no less!!

To all Falang sending Money to a Pretty Thai Lady my message is clear, your Thai Lady is probably doing exactly the same as the Thai Lady mentioned above!! I realize that this is a pretty horrible thing to say and I understand that you really are in a no win situation.If you stop sending the Lady Money she will inevitably forget you very quickly,while leaving you with the nagging doubt did she Love me, is the Guy writing this talking nonsense,have I thrown away the Love of my Life etc.etc.I am sorry you will have to consider both sides of the equation and make your own decision, My firmly held conviction is that in situations similar to those described above upward of 95% of the Women will be acting in the way I have described!!


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