Thai Daughters

Thai Daughters


Whereas in Western Countries Parents will continue to look after and support their Children through University and beyond, in Thailand the expectation is that as soon as they can afford to Grown Children will start offering support to their Parents. The above will particularly be the case amongst Working Class Families. As I have written in my Blog Post Thailand’s Tragedy a huge number of Thai Men will never be in a position to fulfil this obligation as they have been ruined by stupid Thai Mothers! As with so many things in Thailand responsibility of providing Money for the Family rests almost exclusively with Thai Daughters

Thai Daughters

There are a Million Thai Women who look as good as this Girl

The reason I am reminded of just how seriously Thai Daughters take this ”Birth Debt” has its Genesis in events which took place several Months ago. Every Morning and Evening I go for my Jog round the Lake in a very attractive Public Park near my Home. In the Evenings the Car Park is full of Food and drink Vendors, a couple of whom over the years I have come to know and with whom I exchange the Banter of the Day. About four Months ago one of my Chums indicated a Very Pretty, very Young Girl who helped out on Her Mothers fried Fish Stall.

Now the Girl mentioned above can be no more than Twenty years Old I see Her sometimes wearing the Uniform University/College Students here always wear. My would be Cupid explained that the Girl was available and that She was interested. I thanked my informant for the Heads Up but pointed out that although she was indeed a lovely Girl She was far too young for me and that besides I was very happy with my Girlfriend of the past three Years.My Personal Cupid, and One presumes the Girl did not give up that easily the offer was extended several more times, and I caught the Girl making sort of Cow eyes at me!!s

Eventually the Penny dropped and the Girl began to ignore me while her Mother gave me dirty looks and mumbled away in what I presumed to be a derogatory manner. In my book of Thai Proverbs there is this delightful one. “To Check an Elephant look at his Tail” .”To Check a Woman look at Her Mother!!” Well this particular Mother was pretty grim, rather Fat, with a countenance that did not appear to be overflowing with the “Milk of Human Kindness!” This Matriarch would have been perfectly happy to let her lovely young Daughter Marry a Man old enough to be her Grandfather purely for financial gain!!

This pretty young Girl had only been trying to fulfill Her Birth Debt. I presume that my friend Cupid had informed the interested Parties that in addition to the Chopper which I use to go to the Park at Night I also had a brand new Car!! They could smell money and she was willing to Marry a Sixty Six Year Old Falang to bring it into the Family!! Make no mistake had I taken the very attractive bait I would have been in for the whole Nine yards. Thai Daughter’s this young and this pretty from a half decent Family do NOT have casual affairs with an Elderly Falang!! This would have been Romantic Dinners (With two or three Chaperones, all paid for by me of course!!) Sin sot  ( the Dowry) at a huge sum would have been a prerequisite of a large expensive Wedding!!

I notice in the last six Weeks that the Girl has found Herself a Nice Young Thai Boyfriend, they go for walks round the Lake,they do not appear to have even got to the holding hands and having a snog bit yet!! It is at times like these that I am extremely grateful to whichever of my ancestors I inherited my Cynicism from in Thailand it is undoubtedly my best friend!!

With regard to this particular Thai Daughter’s Family I have to say that they do not look Poor, two rather muscular Brothers turn up in a Very New Very Flashy Pick up to collect Mother, Daughter and all the Cooking gear. One has to admit (reluctantly) that this exceedingly pretty young Girl was not attracted by my Good Looks and Personal Charm. So that leaves us with the motivation that is the same in every other Falang Napping in Issan the quest for Falang Gold!! Given then that this Family are not on the bread line, one has to assume that pure unadulterated greed is the driving force behind this and all the other Honey Traps set by lovely Ladies in Issan!!

When One tries to be completely objective about situations like the one which this particular Family were hoping to bring about between me and their Thai Daughter, One must question what the eventual outcome would be were both parties to have realized their short-term objectives i.e. The Ladies’ Family gets Oodles of Cash the Falang gets to have sex with a Thai Lolita. Excuse me if my Cynicism pops up again but the only outcome I can see is a bad one, the Girl, quite naturally wants to be with a Thai Boy of Her own age and begins to hate the Falang for stopping this, The Falang finds himself on the fringes of a Thai Family whose Culture he does not understand and whose members see him merely as an ATM Machine. If ever there was a recipe for disaster this is surely it.

When I go off for trips in my car or on my Chopper and am stopped at Police Road Blocks ,of which there are many. The Police having established to their satisfaction that my Bike/Car is registered and that I have a license are usually quite friendly and inquire where I live in Thailand.When I mention the name of the Town where I dwell knowing Smirks are exchanged between these upholders of the Law, as I am talking about a place which is infamous for the sheer numbers of Falang who lose everything they own due to their own stupidity plus a little help from a Greedy Thai Woman and her equally Greedy Family leaving here broken Men!! I usually grin back at the Police joining in this unspoken celebration of Falang feeble-mindedness, I do not bother trying to explain that this particular Falang has no intention of supporting a Thai Daughter and her Greedy Issan Family!!

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