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Thai Chicks

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I bumped into an American Acquaintance Yesterday I have not seen this Guy in over a Year.  We had a chat about the usual things Falang Discuss Here, Thai Chicks etc. This Chap has a Thai Girlfriend who has a 9 Year Old Daughter and recently gave Birth to the Falang’s Son. The American is thrilled to be a Father at the age of 63 and is intent on taking his Family back to live in America.Thai Chicks

The reason that this Guy wants to move back to the States is not so much an overwhelming need to surround himself with all things American but a growing unease regarding how Dangerous it is living here. He admits to having started to drink every Evening and I guess he may be a little Paranoid. His fear regarding the Bad things which could happen to him and his Family here is however real enough!!

He told me a couple of horrific Tales regarding the Misadventures of some fellow Americans, ( This incidentally is what Falang talk about here!!!) I will recount here what he told me and the reader can make of it what he will.

The first account concerns a Guy who was persuaded by his Thai Woman to buy a Gas Station in Her Village. Now apparently this Guy was a bit of a Sleazeball and was Drunk out of His Head most of the Time. His Thai Wife decided that She wanted the Drunken Falang out of her Life so hired one of the Numerous Thai Mafia to see to it. Some of the Mafia beat the Drunken Falang to Death with Hammers and threw the Body on a Rubbish (Trash) Pit!!

Now it sounds like the above Falang was rather an unsavory Type, but that did not mean that he deserved to be Bludgeoned to Death and have his remains thrown in the Trash!! My informant states that all the Villagers were aware that the Woman had arranged for the Murder of Her Husband but things just went on as normal with people still buying their Gas from the Murderess.Thai Chicks

My View is that this entire Thai Village is complicit in the Murder. I am terribly afraid that this is just one more example of the Thai Reality, this is why I keep banging on about how Dangerous Thailand is!! Here in Issan we are now on the Third Generation of Greedy/Lazy Thai Women and their Families who have come to look on Falang not so much as Milk Cattle but increasingly as Beef Cattle and some of these Women are undoubtedly willing to Slaughter Their Beef Cow!!

I know I am waxing a little Lyrical here but I honestly Believe that the Dangers here are real and that they are increasing. People who knew this place 30 Years ago talk of a relaxed and friendly Thai Population at ease with themselves and with their Western Visitors, that Thailand is no more!!!

The second Scarey Story my American Acquaintance regaled me with concerns, I think someone he Knew back in the States. This Guy was living in America with his Thai Wife of some 12 Years. They both worked but were approaching retirement age, at least the Guy was I think his Wife may have been a little younger. The Thai Wife suggested that they visit Her Family in Issan ( it is always Issan!!) the Guy loved Thailand  and everyone was so friendly!!

The Husband did not really need any persuasion to decide on buying a House and moving to Thailand, the Woman’s Family being really Friendly and all!!!!!  The Thai Wife went on ahead to see about having a House built. ” Just transfer everything to my Bank Account in Thailand” she instructed Her Husband. Now this Man had no reason to Doubt his Wife they had been together for 12 Years and She was a hard worker and as Honest as the Day is Long!!!

The Man sold everything he cashed in his Pension and sent the lot to His Wife’s Thai Bank!! When he had finished disposing of all his Assets in the States the man set of full of excitement at the prospect of starting a New Life in Thailand!! When he arrived in His Wife’s Village She revealed a side of  Herself which He just did not know existed!! His Wife very quickly explained that everything belonged to Her now, She was in charge and Her Husband would receive an allowance of 50 Baht (Less Than $2.00 Per Day!!Thai Chicks

I am not sure how long this situation existed but eventually the Man had a confrontation with His Wife. The Police were called and the Man was severely Beaten and ejected from the House!! His Wife will have obviously given the Police Money to Evict and Beat Her Husband!!

The Thai Police incidentally will pretty much do anything  any Thai proposes as long as they are being suitably Rewarded!! They have absolutely no hesitation in committing extreme violence on any Falang, as nothing Will Ever  follow from it!!

The Falang has no recourse to any redress and no action will ever be taken against the Thai Police. Were he to report this to for example the British Embassy in Bangkok he would be advised to leave Thailand immediately. The British Diplomats in Thailand spend their time Freeloading at Embassy Parties and Chasing Whores in Nana Plaza!! Protecting their Citizens from the Machinations of Greedy Issan Women is not part of their Duties!! This is why I state repeatedly that you are on your own in Thailand!!

Whether the Woman had planned on doing this during the entire Course of Her Marriage. Or whether it was a decision she took after again coming under the Influence of Her Family, particularly the Male Members of Her Family is Unclear. My own thoughts on this is that it was the Former. I firmly Believe that you can Take the Thai out of Thailand but that you will never take Thailand out of the Thai!!

I have heard of several instances where Westerners have lived in Europe, America or Australia with their Thai Wife have ostensibly had Happy Marriages and even raised a Family. And Yet as soon as this Supposedly Happily Married Thai Female steps off the Plane in Thailand Bingo She reverts to Type!! I honestly believe that the Thai Brain is not wired up in a similar fashion to that of any other Race living on Planet Earth!!

I am aware that the above sounds facetious as if I am making fun of these often tragic circumstances. Quite honestly I do not know what else to do but please believe me when I write that Thais are not like us, they do not like us and if you wish to live in Thailand you must Protect Yourself at  all Times!!!



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