Sexy Thai Ladies

Sexy Thai LadiesSexy Thai Ladies

Sexy Thai Ladies are,One imagines the main attraction for Western Men coming to Thailand.Whether these Guys are simply coming as Sex Tourists or are interested in having a more lasting relationship with Thailand and it’s Beautiful Women,the way they will be perceived by most Thai’s is identical. Thai’s view Westerners with a mixture of Amusement,Disdain and opportunity. The above are not my words but are taken from a survey of Falang living here, the only point on which I disagree is that I would substitute the word disdain with DISLIKE!!

In my view Thai’s have a National Inferiority Complex which often manifests itself as a superiority complex.Thailand is an inward looking Country and Thai’s are rather afraid of and perplexed by Westerners and Western Culture.Whilst Thai’s will greet One with the Beaming est of Smiles this only serves to mask their nervousness and unease.Of course people tend to dislike things which cause them to feel insecure  thus it is that Westerners are essentially viewed as a species to be made fun of and if possible Ripped Off!!

The above I think applies primarily to Thai Men vast numbers of whom appear to fulfill no purpose whatsoever. The reason for this surfeit of useless Men lies in a Flawed Thai Culture,which discriminates against Daughters while placing Boys on a Lofty Pedestal. Stupid Thai Mothers spoil Sons,who,unsurprisingly grow up to be unhappy, disagreeable wretches!! If any work is assigned to Children it is the Girls who do it.Sexy Thai Women are also the Sisters and Daughters of Large Families all of whom will view you as Father Christmas!!

The result of the above is that Thai Daughters are the ones who’s duty it will be to look after the Family.Westerners I fear cannot understand the closeness of Thai Family Bonds.Issan with it’s 22 Million population of ethnic Lao Thai’s most of whom are from poor backgrounds is where tens if not Hundreds of Thousands of Sexy Thai Women see finding a Falang as their ONLY way to bring money into the Family.Sexy Thai Ladies

Make no mistake the vast majority of these Sexy Thai Women would far rather be with a Thai Husband than being forced to learn English so they can find a Falang!! The Thai Class system being utterly inflexible means that these Women have had to choose Men from the same impoverished background as themselves. Moving up a Class is for Thai Females practically unheard of. Most will already have failed relationships behind them with the Children of these Liaisons all that is left.

Thai Soap Operas of which there are Scores being aired Weekly inevitably have one theme. Poor but Pretty and sincere Girl from the Country goes to work in Bangkok Mansion.Handsome,Rich Son takes a liking to her but he already has a Beautiful, Rich, and very Bad Sexy Thai Lady!! Every one of the Thousands of Trash Soap Operas which are Spewed out by Thai TV follows the above theme to the letter!! The popularity of this Trash TV a testament to the Dreams and Longings of Poor uneducated Thai Females!!

Sexy Thai Ladies

Well You Can’t Win them All

So if you are passed the first Flush of Youth with a gradually thickening Waistline do not despair,you may not be the first choice or indeed the second but a Sexy Thai Lady will snap you up for the one thing all Thai’s Worship, MONEY!! I am aware that my Cynicism is apparent for all to see but make no apologies for that.Anyone who takes the trouble to discover the truly shocking things which can and frequently have happened to Naive Western Men here will take these warnings to heart and proceed with maximum caution!!beautiful-busty-women-2

When comparing notes with my fellow Cynics it is interesting how similar our observations of Thai Falang Relationships with Sexy Thai Ladies are.We pride ourselves on being able to spot a fellow Falang who has become involved with a Greedy Thai Woman intent on parting him from his Cash!! It is interesting that while we can spot the Hallmarks of  Sexy Thai Ladies on the Make these Ladies are adept at spotting Falangs who can see through them which makes for a very uneasy relationship between the Falang being Hustled,the Sexy Thai Lady doing the Hustling and the Cynical Observer.

Whilst One has sympathy with Falang in the situation described above attempting to persuade them that their Lady is a wrong un  very often causes more problems than it fixes. As I have written previously Falang who are ripped off here really have only themselves to blame.In fact my feeling is that these kind of Guys would be stiffed wherever they went. The only difference here being that the Sexy Thai Ladies will feast upon these poor Dummies with the ferocity of the piranha!!


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