Sexy Thai Bar-Girls

Sexy Thai Bar-Girls




Archie is obviously extremely Crass he does however understand his Thai Bar-Girls. I must say Archie’s Ladies all looked rather past their sell by Date, I imagine however Archie was on a Budget either that or he prefers the experience which the ” Old Campaigners” can provide!! Frankly what I do not get is why anyone would want a Bar-Girl for a Girlfriend, I understand a Two Week Holiday Romance, but Archie had Thailand Fever ( He explains this in some other Videos) for over two Years!!


Thailand for most people is synonymous with the Sex Trade,and Sex Tourism. In fact only 6% of the customers of  Thai Sex Workers are Westerners. The vast Majority of the Clientele of the Thai Sex Trade are Thais. Sex in Thailand is widely and often very inexpensively available. Sexy Thai Bar-GirlsThais and Westerners look for their casual Sex in different places. Thais frequent the Brothels and Karaoke Bars while Western Men prefer the ambiance of a Girly Bar and the titillation which only a Sexy Thai Bar-Girl can provide!!

In the Town where I live there are many small Brothels staffed by Young Lao Girls The cost of Sex with one of these Lao Ladies is only 300 Baht  6 Pounds Sterling i.e. rather less than the cost of a packet of Cigarettes in the UK!! These Brothels are frequented mainly by Thais. I know that on occasion while walking by I have been offered a “Lady” by the young Touts who hang around outside. I have heard from other Falang that the Thai Customers rather resent the appearance of a Falng while they are purchasing their Sex!!

Most Western Men seeking Sex will head for a “Girly Bar” where they will be Flirted with, flattered and offered Sex by their choice of Sexy Thai Bar-Girls. Pattaya has more Girly Bars, more Thai Hookers (Both Male and Female) and in short more opportunities to have Sex than anywhere else on Planet Earth. Many Men will begin a relationship with a particular Bar Girl and She will in effect become his Girl-Friend for the duration of his Holiday.

Western Men in particular are attracted by the fact that having an affair with a Pretty Vivacious Bar-Girl is quite different than visiting a Prostitute in their Home Country. Buying Sex in most Western Countries tends to be a rather Sleazy, Sordid and Solitary experience for Men. Whereas in Thailand because of it’s tolerant/permissive Culture visiting Girly Bars and flirting and frolicking with Pretty Sexy Thai Bar-Girls feels like the most natural thing in the World. I am sure that lots of Western Men have a terrific Holiday with lots of Sex. In this Scenario the Bar-Girl (a willing Seller) and the Man (a willing Buyer) have both achieved their Aims!!

It is precisely because of the relaxed and uninhibited atmosphere in Girly Bars that some Western Men make the mistake of believing that the Pretty Thai Girl they have fallen for is anything other than a Money grabbing Thai Hooker.I am not writing this to be nasty to Thai Hookers they fulfill a useful and necessary function. I am simply trying to point out to vulnerable Western Men that while you can take a Girl out of the Bar taking the Bar out of the Girl is quite another Sexy Thai Bar-Girlsmatter!!

Sexy Thai Bar-Girls see Western Men as a Walking Wallet, they are well Schooled in the art of Flattery. After a few drinks and an hour or two listening to the Compliments and the Honeyed words which are poured into One’s ear by whichever Lady you are talking to it is quite easy for Naive Men to start believing that they are that Handsome Man. I am not trying to be a wet Blanket in making these observations. What I am saying to Men is if you want to spend time with Thai Bar-Girls learn the rules of the Game, have Fun but do not fall for any of the Sweet Talk it is about as genuine as a Lady-Boys Breasts!!

It is amazing how many drastically misguided Western Men fall in Love with Sexy Thai Bar-Girls and start sending them money when they return Home. This of course is great for the Bar-Girl and in return for her Salary She will spend Hours talking to you on Skype. While the Lady will swear Her Undying Love for you it will in fact be business as usual. Some of the really Beautiful Thai Bar-Girls are carrying on Affairs with several Men at the same time. These enterprising Ladies carry around a number of Cheap Phones each Phone dedicated exclusively to a particular Falang.


I have used this Video Before it is an amusing but very Accurate Take on the Motivations of ALL Thai Bar- Girls and also the Vast Majority of Thai Women.They are flirting with and flattering you for only one reason. Men who do not understand this should not be in Thailand!!


As regards the above I was recently told of a Fifty something Australian Man who met a Girl who is in in Her early twenties in a Phuket Bar.The Lady in question is extremely attractive and the Australian fell for Her in a big way!! This Man who has since Married the Lady and spent $100,000 Building a House in Her Village ( In of course Issan)  in fact denies that She is or ever was a Bar-Girl!! According to the Delusional Australian his Sexy Young Thai Wife only happened to be in the Bar because She was meeting an Old Friend!!

It is all to common for Guys like the above to become incredibly defensive regarding ill thought out actions they have initiated while under the influence of Lust!!! As the reality of their situation slowly becomes apparent to them they become overwhelmed with feelings of hatred for the Bimbo who has snared them ,Self Loathing regarding their own stupidity and fear of what is coming!!

An absolute refusal to acknowledge that they have been played for a Sucker is the initial reaction of many. As things progress toward the inevitable i.e. their ejection from the Property they have paid for ( Foreigners Cannot own Property in Thailand which means that from the outset regardless of who actually paid the Property belongs to the Thai) The Falang has to face up to his Stupidity!! There are so many stories of the very real danger Western Men are in at this point!! The Woman and Her Family understand that they have gotten all they are going to get out of the falang and have to decide how they are going to get rid of him!!

I just wish that Western Men intent on coming to Thailand would read my stuff and also look at all the other information available Online. I understand that Men particularly older Men are highly susceptible to the undoubted  Charms of Sexy Thai Bar-Girls or indeed millions of other Thai Women. My message is that if any Thai Woman thinks She can detect an ATM sign on your Forehead you are in play!! In the same way that tourists going to certain Countries have to have Shots I think Men coming to Thailand should be made to read and watch Media detailing some of the really bad things which could potentially happen to them here!!Sexy Thai Bar-Girls

Identifying a Woman who is or has been a Sexy Thai  Bar-Girl is very simple. Any Female with Tattoos is a strong candidate. Also Women who speak reasonable English. Most Thai’s, particularly lower Class Thais have no reason to learn English. It is a good bet that the vast majority of Women who have gone to the trouble of learning English have done so for the purposes of extracting Cash from Western Men. Whether the Women mentioned are actually Sexy Thai Bar-Girls or just Thai Women looking to meet a Westerner online the common denominator is always the same MONEY


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