North Eastern Thailand

North Eastern Thailand


The Village in this Video is fairly typical of  Rural Issan. While on the surface everything appears normal, perhaps to some Idyllic, chances are that beneath
the surface constant demands for Money are being Channeled through the Family’s
Daughter.The Daughter of course will carry out her Family’s requirements to the
Letter!! It is when the Falang begins to realize that all he means to The Girl, Her Family,
and indeed the whole Village is a convenient way of getting Money for nothing that
everything begins to unravel.The Falang becoming painfully aware that although he paid for every brick of the House,non of it in fact belongs to him!!!

Issan in North Eastern Thailand is the Country’s Largest and Poorest Region with a population of some 22 million. While the Town’s are very prosperous,the vast majority of the population stay in small rural Villages where the pace of change has been much slower The North Eastern part of this region formerly belonged to the Kingdom of Lao while the Southern area was a part of the Kingdom of Cambodia.An expansionist Siam annexed these areas, in fact a Siamese Army burned the Lao Capital Vientiane to the ground just over 100 Years ago.

North Eastern Thailand

It is in North Eastern Thailand (Issan) that we will concern ourselves. Large  numbers of Falang coming to Thailand wash up here. This entire area was formerly Lao it is hardly surprising then that most of the Population are in fact Ethnic Lao whose Forefathers have lived here for Generations!! My Girlfriend,a Hairdresser speaks to all her Customers in the Lao Dialect and everyone eats Issan (Lao) food which to the Western Pallet is truly disgusting!! Richer more Sophisticated Thai’s from Bangkok and the South disdainfully describe the Population here as Lao from a poor Province.

Thai’s are extremely Lazy particularly the Men!! But the Lao bring a whole new meaning to the word!! The French Empire or Indochina consisted of Vietnam Cambodia and Lao.French Colonists had a saying which went – the Vietnamese plant the rice, the Cambodians watch it grow and the Lao listen to it grow!! In Issan’s thousands of small Villages or Mubans where the Working Class Thai/Lao live once the rice crop has been planted there really is not much work that actually needs to be done. The Women look after the house and the Children the majority of the Men have no work (and truth be told this suits them rather well!!) they prefer to spend their Days sitting around talking and of course sleeping!!

All of these Villages however have an internet Cafe where someone can speak a little English,this person helps the Women to chat with a Falang!! Now the translator’s charges are rather high and these Women are poor but they and their Families are prepared to pay if the end result is “Bagging” a wealthy Falang ( Thai’s of course think all Falangs are Wealthy!!) Finding a Falang is seen in purely economic terms . All of these mainly young Women will have been married, or at least had a partner with whom they will have had a couple of Children. Now the received wisdom is that the Men tire of the relationship after around three years and move on to pastures new!! I have a well informed Friend however whose sympathies lie squarely with the Men, his view of young Thai Women is rather jaundiced to say the least! My Pal makes the case that Thai Females from age 18 to 35 are the most grasping unreasonable people on the Planet, and that it is their constant demands which drive the Men away!!

I do not know if I am entirely convinced by the argument set out above, while Culturally it is very difficult for a Thai Women to divorce her Thai Husband. Non the less it certainly IS the case that it is the Man who finishes the relationship, and my personal opinion is that most Thai Women would far rather still be with their Thai Husband than having to pursue a Falang. It is for the foregoing reason that One finds that once the Women (Land’s) her Falang her relationship with her former Husband or Partner improves to the point that they (unknown to the Falang of course!!) begin their Relationship all over again, the money the Woman is receiving from the Falang of course being one of the Key Drivers in this rekindling of an old flame!!

Every Thai is aware of or have Friend’s who have made a great deal of money for themselves and their Family by netting a Foolish Falang!! You may look dismissively at Pa and see a scruffy,lazy,crafty Old Thai,but he is the Boss and the Family love ,honor and respect him and if it should come to a choice between you and any member of a Thai Family you stand about as much of a chance as a Soy Dog!! Apart from the fact that very likely ALL that interests them is your Money the Cultural differences are so vast as to be effectively unbridgeable.

My advice to any Falang is never go to the Village. You are not interested in meeting her Family and if She does not like it tell her to move on to the next Falang!! Every Thai living there will see you as the Fatted Calf,in fact there will be great excitement as the Village now has a brand new ATM YOU!!! You will be expected to pay for everyone!! In the Town where I live it is easy to spot the new Falangs,they have been dragged to town by assorted Family and Friends say around 10 Country Bumpkin Thai’s,they are then guided into one of the “Hot Pot” Restaurants in the Whizzy new Shopping Malls.Thai’s consume vast meals here which they cook on electric Woks built into the table,these places are not cheap 3 or 4 Hundred Baht per person.The Thais are so busy eating that they have little time to talk to one another,far less the Falang.While the Lady in question proudly surveys “Her Guests” as it is She who has made this feasting possible!! incidentally I eat delicious Noodle dishes for 30 Baht!!!

As the Men will not work the providers obviously have to be the Women,now working class Thai’s are very poorly educated so getting a decent job is impossible, this leaves the sex trade!! Pretty Daughters are Money in the Bank for a poor Issan Family.Whether she can find a Falang Online or whether she has to go and work in a Girly Bar In Pataya,Bangkok or Phuket is all the same to Her Family,she is doing what is expected of her and no one will think any the less of her for it!! She will very likely have one or two young children who will be cared for by Grandmother and Aunts!! Her own Husband/Boyfriend will have left to form a new relationship!! After looking at lots of Videos on U tube I am struck by how happy the Girls working in the Bars and Discos in Thailand’s many “Red Light! Districts appear to be, I would bet they much prefer to be having fun with their friends as opposed to being stuck Penniless in an Issan Village!!

Very often these Bar-Girls are still looking for a Falang,but from the Man’s point of view the chances of a permanent relationship with a former Bar-Girl surviving are about as likely as Donald Trump admitting he wears a wig!! Now my opinion of most Thai’s is that they have an  i.q. similar to that of a packet of frozen peas!! That is not to say that they are not Cunning, most Thai’s are Jaolai (Cunning) but they are not very good strategists and can only plan one or possibly two moves ahead,it is up to you to out think them,a good starting point here is not to believe a word that they utter!! The Fallangs that really get shafted here are the arrogant show offs who really believe that nobody would dare to try and scam them!!

Thailand is in the grip of a huge Consumer Boom,the Shopping Malls in North Eastern Thailand’s Towns and Cities I think, rival those found in the UK or the United States.Thai’s want everything and they want it NOW!! In many ways Thai’s are very Childlike they require instant gratification and refuse to wait for anything!! Tomorrow does not exist it is a far distant Planet,NOW is what matters,Thai’s do not save they spend their Money as soon as they get it!! Everything is bought on Credit from iPhones to Porches and the default rate is staggering,I was talking to someone about this and suggested that it must be heartbreaking to have your brand new Mercedes repossessed,oh no my friend replied all the Thai will remember is that for however many Months they were the owner of a Merc!!

So all these people living in North Eastern Thailand’s Villages see the iPhones and the iPad and the beautiful clothes and they covet them!! But they have no money, yet they must have all of this stuff, so how do they get it?The answer is plain “FIND A FALANG!!!” In order to get a Falang on the Hook Sex is obviously the main weapon in the Greedy Woman’s Armory ,Flattery is widely employed, “Handsome Man” is the greeting to all Falangs by Thai Ladies on the Make, regardless of whether you look like the Hunchback of Notre Damme’s uglier Brother. Reading this most Men will deny that they are Dumb enough to fall for any of this stuff!! Wait until you are on the receiving end of a Charm Offensive from a Smart Thai Women before excluding the possibility that you too can be ” SUCKED IN!! it can happen to any Man!!

A fair number of Falang,at least initially seem to be content to use the Thai Brothels there are lots of them and most Falang in any Issan Town will direct you and offer some pertinent advice.These places are staffed in the main by Lao Ladies. One step up are the Bar Girls,they used to charge 1000 Baht per night,but I think these prices are rising.There is certainly no harm in going into a Girly Bar or two for a beer and to check out the scene!!

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