New In Thailand


New in Thailand

Most visitors who are New in Thailand arrive in Bangkok, it is probably a good idea to have booked your hotel online at least for the first couple of nights. I have chosen to Partner with Expedia on my Site. Expedia is the Worlds Leading Online Travel Company. The hotels which I have chosen to feature in Thailand are just a tiny fraction of Expedia’s offering . To find out what is available elsewhere in Thailand or indeed elsewhere in the  World just type in the name of the City or Town you are interested in.

New in Thailand

Bedroom in the Recently Refurbished Admiral Premier Hotel Bangkok Rooms from $71

If in fact you are intending to come to Issan most of the Cities are around 500 Kilometers from Bangkok you can take an overnight bus, cheap but not particularly restful. Alternatively it is only an hours flight time the cheapest Carrier is Thai Air Asia they have lots of Online Deals if you are certain of your travel dates and can book 2/3 Months in advance they usually have good offers.

I am not sure what kind of Baggage allowance the other Carriers give but Air Asia give an extremely stingy 15 Kilos,and charge heavily for any excess!! Regarding Baggage it is not necessary to bring a lot of Clothes they are incredibly cheap and fashionable here,if you had considered buying some new Clothes wait until you get here is my best advice!!

Upon arrival in whichever Town you have chosen ask a Tuk Tuk or Taxi Driver what is the best Mansion to stay in.Mansion is the name used here for places which are a cross between a Hotel and an Apartment,there are literally Dozens of them all over Town,expect to pay 350-500 Baht per Night for a large clean room with Air con and a private Bathroom. I stayed in a lovely Modern Mansion for just under three years and was extremely comfortable there.

Living in Thailand

Rooftop Pool Admiral Premier Bangkok

Once you have been in Town for a couple of Days and decided that you would like to stay for a while the next thing is to see about getting a Monthly Room rate.If you like the Mansion where you are staying ask here,you are likely to be given a wide variety of rates at different places,some only offer a piddling little discount while others will knock off a large percentage for paying Monthly.Do not forget if you pay Monthly you will be charged separately for Water and electricity.

The Mansion where I lived charged 350 Baht per Night which for a 30 Day Month would be 10,500 Baht, the Monthly rate was only 4000.00 Baht while this rate increased to 4,500 after my first Year as I had been the first Customer and had stayed longer than anyone else this increase was never passed on to me!! Including my Water and electricity the most I ever paid in a Month was 4,600 Baht less than £100 pounds, back in England during the Winter Months my Electricity Bill alone came to more than this!!

New in Thailand

Pool Ibis Riverside Bangkok

For Western Men with a modicum of common sense Coming to Thailand and indeed living in Thailand is incredibly inexpensive. If you have taken the trouble to do your homework i.e. read my stuff and some of the other information freely available Online then there is no reason why you should not be Happy here. For naive or foolish Men however Thailand can be a dangerous place.

New in Thailand

Ibis Bangkok Riverside great Hotel in a Fabulous Location Rooms from $49

Sensible Men will quickly learn to assess all overtures of Friendship by Thai Men or Women using the criteria “what do they actually want from me?”  Without being rude you have to treat all Thais you have dealings with as though they are trying to sell you a Time Share Deal. And everyone is aware of the lengths a Time Share Salesman will go to in pursuit of a Sale!! I am going to trot out my Boxing Referee Speech here if you are Westerner in Thailand it is essential that you “Protect yourself at all times”.




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