Marry a Thai

Marry a Thai


This Video is one of the fairest and most accurate I have seen regarding the subject of Marriage in Thailand.If you wish to Marry a Thai I urge you to watch it carefully.The pleasant, easy-going Guy Denis Sorenson is confirming without saying so directly that he is keeping this Woman’s entire Family and that when he does not have enough money to go round everyone then a Crisis will occur. My understanding regarding the above mentioned crisis is that when a member of the extended Family realizes the expected hand-out is not going to materialize they turn nasty with Denise’s Wife who in turn berates Dennis, it is her job to ensure that all Her Families monetary requests are dealt with by poor Old Dennis!!

As Denisse’s Wife confirms before he came along she had nothing now he takes care of her Family, he has bought a car and a House She does not even have to work, this I am afraid is the only reason Thai Women want Western Men!! The reason he is accepted by this Family is because he is their own private ATM machine and if for whatever reason he were to run out of Money then they would have absolutely no compunction about kicking his Ass out on the Street!!

Just one more point regarding the Video about Udon, John an extremely knowledgeable Thai Professional mentions that somewhere along the line finding a Foreign Husband has become a Business!! He also mentions that the Thai Ladies will expect the Westerner to pay for the entire Family or even Village!! This is proof positive (If it were ever needed) of just how comprehensively Western Men are being ripped off, no Thai Man would even consider shelling out his Cash to support any Woman’s Family far less give handouts to the VillageMarry a Thai neither would his Thai Girlfriend ask.This dubious privilege is reserved solely for Westerners whom the Thai’s consider to be exceedingly stupid!!

When I first arrived in Thailand I had an open mind as regards whether I should Marry a Thai. Now some four years later I have to admit that I do not think it is a very good idea at all!! To briefly use my lovely Girl-Friend  as an example, unlike 98% of Issan Women She does not have a Greedy bone in her Body!! I give her virtually nothing by way of Cash Support, I pay 5000 Baht to rent her House while a Thai would only give 3000,She did not ask for this figure I offered. This year there was talk of our Marrying and I bought her an expensive Gold Necklace £500.00 which she hardly ever wears due to the fear of being robbed!! So for the moment my Marriage in Thailand is on hold and if I am honest will probably remain so. While I have absolutely no doubts about my Girlfriend her Boys are two of the laziest worst behaved individuals who ever lived and this unfortunately is a situation which is only going to deteriorate over time!!

My Girlfriend  while loyal to her Thai Roots and Traditions hates the way things are done here, the corruption and small Mindedness. All the neighbors at her Hairdressing Salon, where she also lives are jealous because She has a, presumably rich Falang ,they all think Paul (Her Youngest Son’s) motorcycle was paid for by the Falang, why else would you have a Falang if not to pay for everything? The stupidity goes on and on!! My Girlfriend never discusses what she does or does not receive from me with anyone, apart from perhaps with Thomas her 16 year Old extremely Gay elder Boy, whom she in fact treats as a younger Sister!! If her hard-nosed Thai Whore customers for one second suspected that She was not Squeezing me financially until the pips squeaked she would be laughed out of Town!!

For all of the above reasons my Girlfriend would love to leave Thailand!!Getting back to the question of Thai Falang Marriage in Thailand more than half fail, my own unsubstantiated view, after talking to many people, Thai Women and Falang is that the true figure is nearer 80%. When talking of Marriage the first obstacle to be overcome is “Sinsot” or the Dowry. Now again my understanding is that if a Woman has been Married the Prospective Husband is NOT expected to pay this Feudal Tribute to her Family. Different people will give different interpretations regarding Sinsot. It is obviously an extremely useful Money Maker for your Girlfriends Family. While difficult to generalize if the Lady has been Married previously and a figure in excess of 20.000 Baht is being sought I would start to smell a RATMarry a Thai

The question of Sinsot having been sorted out, you Marry a Thai everything is great, and then the requests start coming in!! As I have written in some earlier Blog Posts Thailand is in the grip of a Consumer explosion. In the Towns the Shopping Malls are full of all the most desirable objects any Thai has ever seen. This Girls’ Family in conjunction with every other Thai want a piece of the action. They do not work, they have no Money, but their Young Sister is Married to a Wealthy Falang,and so it starts. I have actually been told of Falangs who have built a House in the Village and have been worn down by the constant requests for money to the point where they pack a suitcase and simply run away!!

It occurs to me that there are probably a fair number of Men who would not be unhappy being in a http:/situation like that of Dennis Sorenson. I apologise for ignoring these possibilities simply because of my own prejudices. Whilst I could not bear the thought of shelling out for a Lazy Thai Family you may not have any problem with this and I am sure that if an agreement which can keep a lid on the demands can be arrived at it could work. I am afraid that my undoubted cynicism leads me to believe that no matter how much Money you hand over it is never quite enough!!



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