Marriage in Thailand

=Marriage in Thailand

This Video is one of the fairest and most accurate I have seen regarding the subject of Marriage in Thailand. I urge you to watch it carefully. The pleasant, easy-going Guy Denis Sorenson is confirming without saying so directly that he is keeping this Woman’s entire Family and that when he does not have enough money to pay off everyone then a Crisis will occur. My understanding about the above mentioned crisis is that when a member of the extended Family realizes the expected hand-out is not going to materialize they then turn nasty with Denise’s Wife who in turn berates Dennis, it is her Duty as a Loyal Thai Daughter and Sister to ensure that all Her Families monetary requests are dealt with by poor Old Dennis!!                                     


The only reason Dennis Sorenson is accepted by this Family is because he is their own private ATM and if for whatever reason he were to run out of Money then they would have absolutely no compunction about kicking his Ass out on the Street!! A Falang with no Money is a about as useful to a Thai as a copy of “The Collected works of William Shakespeare!! In the Video Denniss Woman Lists the way Her life has improved” Have Car, Have House, Not have to Work” Not once does She mention that She has a Kind Man!! I have never heard any Thai Woman express affection for their Western Partner!! Sadly it is all about Stuff which the Falangs Money can provide!!

Marriage in Thailand

Just one more Crucially Important point regarding the Video, John an extremely knowledgeable Thai Professional whom I have met on several occasions mentions that somewhere along the line finding a Foreign Husband has become a Business!! He also mentions that the poor Thai Ladies will expect the Westerner to pay for the entire Family or even Village!! This is proof positive (If it were ever needed) of just how comprehensively Western Men are being ripped off as regards Marriage in Thailand!! No Thai Man would even consider shelling out his Cash to support any Woman’s Friends and Neighbors, neither would his Thai Wife dare to ask!! This dubious privilege is reserved solely for Westerners whom the Thai’s consider to be exceedingly stupid!!             

When I first arrived  here I was all in favour of Marriage in Thailand now almost Six Years later I understand why the vast majority of these Marriages fail. For Women from poor Issan Families finding a Falang is seen as their only chance to get the Money they crave so much! Thousands of these Women pay to be taught Rudimentary English. They then Trawl the Internet until they find a Western Man ( There are also Thousands of Men looking for Thai Ladies of course!!).

The Majority of the Men coming to Thailand will be ripped off, just how badly they are ripped off is dependant on how quickly they Understand how things are here!! Some Unfortunates will lose everything , believe me I do know what I am talking about I have met plenty of these Guys!! The one thing the aforementioned Men have in common is the fact that they fell for a Thai Lady who was feeding them a Pack of Lies which sad to say is in no way unusual!!

I think that one important reason things do not work out for these Guys is because they ascribe Western Values to their Relationship. Thai and European Culture are so different as to be mutually incompatible!! Most Thais Dislike Westerners, these Women are setting aside their Prejudice  only in the pursuit of Money!! Given that the majority of Women Looking for a Falang are Poor/Lower Class they are looked down on by all Middle Class Thais and their Friends are Jealous of them ( Particularly if they have succeeded in Capturing a Wealthy/Stupid Falang!!) The foregoing explains why there is pressure on these Relationships from the Outset, the Women is braving Ridicule, Scorn and Jealousy so the Rewards had better be worth it!!  In fairness to the Thais most of the Men who come here are really fundamentally only interested in Sex!! Given that I am correct in my assumptions you can see why these Relationships are doomed from the beginning!!

Thai Families are generally Large and it is the Daughters who are expected to work and provide for Parents and Lazy Brothers (Many Thai Men have never done a Days Work in their Lives!!). For a reasonably attractive Female the decision about whether to work in for example a Chicken Processing Plant or find a Stupid Falang  is an easy one to make!! In fact many of the 10s of Thousands of Thai Women who are Scouring the Internet are not in the least Attractive they come in all shapes and Sizes Ladies from 16 to 60 all have the same objective!!

I am really sorry if what I write is not what you want to hear!! In my view it is better to have an accurate picture of what you will find in Thailand as opposed to a load of Platitudes about “The Land of Smiles”!! Smiling for a Thai is a Cultural Imperative. They are not smiling at you because they like you!!

Also I am not trying to put anyone off coming to Thailand it is a Hot, inexpensive and Beautiful place to live. What I am trying to do is make Western Men aware of the Motivations behind the Lovely Smile and the Flattery. My advice whether you choose to take it or not is Do NOT Marry a Thai Woman in fact do not even Live with One. When you are Living with a Thai Woman you have opened yourself up to the Avalanche of requests for Cash that will come Via Her from Her Family!!

A far better way to proceed is to have Your Thai Woman on a Pay per Play Basis. Your Girl-Friend will occasionally spend the Night with you in exchange for say 1000 Baht Twenty Pounds or Thirty Dollars!!

I see Many Falang who have gone the whole 9 Yards i.e. Married bought a House etc. They are at risk of losing everything!! Westerners cannot own Land/Property so the House will be in the Woman’s name. I have met many Men who have been evicted from the House they Paid for.

In regard to the above imagine you have moved into your Lovely new Home with your Lovely new Thai Wife. Gradually she starts asking for cash Help for members of Her Family. Over time the frequency of these requests increases and is for larger amounts ( Thai,s never know when to stop!!) You start to resent these requests and it puts a strain on the relationship.

The above Scenario is further complicated by the fact you can not actually communicate properly because of the Language difficulties!! Then one day it becomes frighteningly Clear, there is no affection there you have been played for financial gain. It must be the most Gut Wrenching feeling in the World knowing that you are nothing more than a Stupid Falang who having been Bled Dry has to be got Rid off . And believe me your Marching Orders will be delivered with Callous Indifference, a Penchant for Cruelty being another unpleasant Thai Trait!!

On the Landing page you well see a Link entitled “Why I never Married a Thai” the Guy who wrote it has a Western ( I think Australian) Father and a Thai Mother. I strongly urge anyone who thinks I am talking Nonsense to read this most insightful Piece.

One of the most Important points the above mentioned Guy makes is the Thai disregard for the Truth. Telling the Truth is of no importance to Thais, saving Face and avoiding any unpleasantness are what count. You can imagine the strain not being able to believe what Your Lady Tells you must put on a Relationship!!

The following is the same Guys observation regarding Thai on Thai Relationships. While She is Dating Her Thai Boyfriend the Woman will endeavour to come over as being ” Low Maintenance” !! As soon as She has the Ring on Her Finger the True Nature of the Beast becomes apparent!! She will demand a Second Car a Second House the list goes on!!

I am aware that women like the One I write of above exist in the West the Thais However take this Avariciousness to a whole new level. Because of a Character Flaw Thais are in fact incredibly insecure. The Trappings of Wealth are intended to make other Thais Jealous!! Thais despise Anyone who has more than they have and there is even a word for the feeling of wishing Bad Luck on all those richer than You!!

I am sure that there are plenty of Guys who read my stuff and think it does not apply to them. We would all like to think that we are a little bit Smarter than we actually are. Thai Women are incredibly attractive, wonderful in Bed and very attentive. It is so easy to mistake the attentions of Your Thai Woman for Love. The important word in the preceding sentence is MISTAKE. Actually Believing that you are anything other than an ATM to any Thai Woman is a Huge MISTAKE!!



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  1. Anne says:

    I live in Europe and the European treat me like an animal. Just because I’m from the third world country. This topic will never Have a conclusion. It doesn’t matter where is the person you married to from. The fact is that you have to learn about that person before getting married.

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