Love Thai Women


 Love Thai Women

Love Thai Women

She Is SEXY!!


Of course the majority of Men Love Thai Women they are undoubtedly the most stunningly Beautiful Creatures on the Planet!! Unfortunately as with all good things frequently they are a little too good to be true!! I have written at great length about the dangers of having a relationship with any Thai Woman.In this Post I am attempting to explains what makes up the Thai Character and how it directly impacts on any relationship you may have.

This Video is a different version of one I used on another Post. The thing that really strikes me watching Videos of Pataya Bar-girls the majority of whom come from Issan is how genuinely Happy they are. These Women are just so Deliriously Overjoyed  to be away from the small Boring Issan Village where they grew up. I have always subscribed to the view that  they will send the majority of the Money they earn home to care for their Family and Children.A Friend who has a relationship with a Pataya Lady tells me that She in fact sends the bare minimum back to Issan,spending the greater portion on Herself!!

An Old Asia Hand Friend of mine did some teaching in Cambodia a few years back. He noted that ordinary Cambodians he met considered themselves to be Victims.Cambodia’s recent history of Genocide performed on the population by Pol Pot only partly explains this extreme pessimism. “Look at where we are” they told him “trapped between the Tiger and the Crocodile!!” The Tiger of Course is Vietnam and the Crocodile is Thailand!!

I find the above descriptions very telling indeed,everyone I think can relate to Vietnam as “The Tiger” Ferocious,Fearless and ruthlessly single minded in finishing  off it’s Prey. The analogy of a Crocodile as representing Thailand is, I believe inspired. Sly, Cunning and perceived to be treacherous is generally how the Crocodile is viewed.The foregoing is a description of Thailand and Thai’s made not by me but by Thailand’s closest Neighbor.The History between the Countries goes back a long way. In fact Thai mercenaries were employed to fight in the Armies of Jayaverman the Cambodian God King whose Dynasty founded Angkor Wat!!

Thai’s even lie about their History,the proud boast being that Thailand has not been Conquered by an Invader in a Thousand Years.Thailand was in fact Invaded,Conquered and subsequently subjugated by Armies from the then Kingdom of Burma. In writing of these events Thai Scholars argue that as the Invaders actually built a Dwelling Place for the then Thai King this means that Thailand was not actually Conquered!! The foregoing piece of nonsense again says a lot about the Thai Mentality.Inconvenient truths are simply explained away with Bull-Shit.

I am firmly of the opinion that The Cambodian’s view of Thailand is the correct one,and that Thai’s in the main are not to be trusted.Thai’s have developed a dislike/disdain for Foreigners here I am not just referring to Westerners they also look down on all of their Asian Neighbors, although they tend to harbour a special dislike for Westerners.Government Schools where the majority of Thai’s attend are big on instilling Thai Nationalism Pupils are taught that Thailand is SE Asia’s Superpower and that the Monarchy and Buddhism make them superior to all outsiders.Love Thai Women

The reality of the above is that the majority of Thai’s are poorly educated,which One suspects is what the Government intended in the first place. These low achievers are easier for the Elite to control and brainwash.The theory goes that they are less likely to question the huge inequality which exists in Thailand.This Vast underclass is where the Women seeking a Falang come from. Finding a Falang is the only way many of these Family’s will ever afford the luxuries they crave!!

The longer I live in Thailand the more convinced I become that the ONLY interest Thai Women have in Falang is financial.Thai’s are confused by Western Culture,they prefer the certainty  of their own Culture. Whereas in the West a Woman who is screwing several Men for Cash will be thought of as a Tramp, in Thailand doing this earns these Women ” Big Face!!”You may well Love Thai Women if you are a person who needs your love to be reciprocated then I am afraid you will get hurt in Thailand.

Naive Western Men who Love Thai Women can be forgiven for thinking they have arrived in Paradise when they behold the sheer numbers of Stunningly Beautiful Women in every Issan Town. There has to be upwards of a Million Issan Females desperately trying to Nail a Falang, finding a Good Looking Woman is never going to be a problem. Finding one who, in conjunction with Her Family is not trying to screw every last Baht out of you is an almost insurmountable problem!!

The extremely difficult thing that every Falang who is involved with a Thai Woman has to do is to be Honest with himself.If you suspect that your Thai Woman is ripping you off then chances are She Is!! In the event of your not completely trusting any Thai Woman it is absolutely useless trying to get them to change their Behavior they simply CAN NOT!! Arguing with a scheming Thai Woman is completely useless,and confronting other members of Her Family will only make matters worse and can be dangerous!! The only sensible recourse you have in a situation like the one described is to move on!!Love Thai Women

The Feeble Minded Falang who realize they are being taken for a ride yet continue to ante up really annoy me.It is because of Dummies like them that Thai’s consider all Westerners to be Stupid. The reader should understand that even if their Woman is not attempting to Rob them She will still be able to spend their money at a prodigious rate.Thai’s simply do not have the ability to be careful with Money,if they have it they spend it. If it happens to be a Falangs Money they will spend it even faster!!

One small example of Thai excess occurred yesterday Afternoon when I took my Girlfriend to an out of Town Restaurant to Gin Gung (eat shrimp). The Restaurant consists of small Thatched Huts with open sides surrounding a Lake. The waiting staff pedal round on bicycles with little trailers delivering the food. My Girlfriend recognizes amongst the Diners in nearby Huts a School Teacher who is entertaining  not one but two Hookers, the Randy Schoolteacher will seldom take his Wife to an expensive place like this!! My observant companion also points out two Plain Clothes Cops who are either planning or have just completed their latest piece of Villainy and are enjoying a lazy Afternoon!!

Restaurants like the one I describe are usually fairly busy indicating that there are plenty of Thai’s with Money to spend.Thai’s enjoy nothing more than passing the afternoon lazing around on the floor of their hut consuming vast quantities of food and drink!!This is Thai Heaven and something every Thai excels at i.e. doing bugger all except eating and laying  around on the ground!! A Thai may be in debt up to his ears unable to keep up the payments on his Honda Civic yet if he has a few thousand Baht in his pocket he will still come to Restaurants like this!!

This is Pak Porn (essentially the enjoyment of lazing the Day away) as I have mentioned previously the very word Thai means to relax.Thai’s are inherently lazy and idle and laying around eating vast quantities of food with a cooling fan dissipating the Afternoon heat is their idea of Bliss!! It is the dream of every Issan Woman to find a Falang who will pay for Her and Her Family to come to places like this!!Love Thai Women

My Girlfriend had a wonderful time at the Restaurant,I slightly less so as I do not particularly enjoy sitting on the floor!! I received a bit of a shock when the bill arrived my Girlfriend had consumed Gung to the value of 500 Baht ( admittedly the Platter of Crustations held around 20 Gigantic grilled Prawns) , what with copious side dishes and beers not to mention a sweet plus my modest meal the total would be the equivalent of a Thai workers Weekly Salary and  would have kept me in food for two Weeks.My point is this my Girlfriend was not trying to rip me off, she was simply doing what Thai’s do when they have the opportunity.

I do not begrudge my Girlfriend a Monthly splurge like the above,She has a pretty rotten life at Home with Her two disagreeable Sons. I do feel rather sorry for the Falang I sometimes see at this Restaurant whose Woman has arranged for the entire Family to come along.The poor Falang will be paying for a Pick-Up Truck full of Greedy Thai’s who will eat and drink themselves to a standstill at the poor schmucks expense.This I am afraid is the reality for every Westerner living in Thailand,you are there to pay the bill end of story!!


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