Honest Thai Women

 Honest Thai Women


Ann the Lovely Thai Woman in the Video above proves that Honest Thai  Women exist. Unlike millions of Her Thai Sisters she is not interested in the pursuit of a Falang. I think that Ann although far from being Middle Class has made the most of Her Education and appears to be perfectly happy not to go the usual route of finding a Falang to pay for everything. And as she quite candidly states she is Happier/more comfortable in the company of  Thai Men!!

The multitude of Thai Women who are looking to find a Falang are doing so precisely because they are not in Ann’s League!!  This great horde of Women (particularly Issan Women) have either not had or not made the best of the Education they received. If they are from Issan they are probably of lazy Lao decent, and  rather than work in a well paid job in the many factories in Central Thailand they prefer to hunt down a Falang or work in a Girlie Bar. Their choices are Shacking up with a Working Class Thai Guy, which in fact most will have already tried, or finding a Falang which is the only Guaranteed way to get their hands on all the Goodies they crave!! Honest Thai Women

Because of Thailand’s Class System this great Throng of  Women are never going to find a prosperous Middle Class Thai Husband!! It matters not one Whit that they are the Sexiest,Cutest Girl in Town Educated Thais are just not interested!! All of the above should lead any halfway intelligent Guy with an I.Q. at least in double figures to understand that ALL the Thai Ladies who are in play are on the make!!!

Men who understand and accept what I write above stand a very good chance of surviving Thailand of,  in fact even having a good life here!!  Those who think they know better are destined to be just one more Falang who has offered himself as a Sacrificial Victim at the Temple of Thai Pussy!! Let me be clear ALL the Women you meet Online are only interested in finding a Falang in order to obtain money!! Unfortunately when Western Men arrive in Thailand finding  Honest Thai Women is not their priority, finding  Women to take to Bed is!!

As this Blog has quite a few Expat Readers in Thailand I would be really interested to hear any thoughts on my views!! Readers of the Blog however appear to be overly reticent in sharing their opinions. For my part I would love to hear what other people think, even if it is that I am a complete Loon talking total Nonsense. I am sure that lots of people could add  interesting thought-provoking observations, so please take a minute to share your musings on the subject.Honest Thai Women It would be great if  Readers were to share some of their experiences, Good and Bad!!

I watched a Dutch Guy and his Thai Woman in a small Restaurant in Pattaya the other Evening. The Dutch Guy was getting rather drunk and his Woman was engrossed in a Rubbish Thai TV Soap Opera ( Thais Love TV and would watch it 24 Hours a Day!!) It was self-evident that this pair were a Couple in name only they spoke barely a word to each other both engrossed in their own pursuits !!

In fact as is so often the case the Dutchman was paying to keep an extremely Unsexy Thai Woman, this Lady had all the allure of a sack of flour!! I am aware that the preceding sentence is extremely Sexist and I should add that the Dutchman was no Oil Painting!! The point I am trying to make is that in the Business transaction which brought these two together neither had got a very good deal. The Dutchman had got a not very attractive Woman and the Woman had got a complete and utter Plonker!! Of course this just proves how much Crap some Thai Women will put up with if they are being paid!!

I doubt the Couple described above exchanged more than a dozen words during the entire Evening. As the Dutchmen became more Hammered he was trying to be amusing/Witty with the Middle Aged Owner of the Restaurant!! I explained to the Owner that not all Falang were as Crass as this Dutchman. We had a pleasant chat I got the feeling however that she had long ago made up her mind about Falang, as indeed is the case with so many Thais!! Honest Thai Women

The point I am attempting to make here is that Thais and Westerners have absolutely completely and utterly nothing in Common!! The Man is only there for the Sex the Woman is only there for the Money. Quite frankly One would be just as well using the services of a Bar-Girl as attempting to have a meaningful relationship with any Thai Woman!! I understand that this sounds a bit bleak but I have to warn my readers that this is the Thai Reality!!

In fact this is my advice to all Western Men coming to Thailand. Do not consider Living with/Marrying a Thai Woman. Keep your dealings with all Thai Women ( Bar-Girls or ordinary Thai Females) on a “Pay per Play Basis”. This is the only way to ensure that you do not end up being seriously Ripped Off!! Any man who expects more from his Thai Adventure should immediately forget Thailand and instead go to Disneyland. I am told in Disneyland Prince Charming and Sleeping Beauty still live Happily Ever After!!



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