First Time in Thailand

First Time in Thailand

My First Time in Thailand was almost 8 Years ago now. I came over to take a Thai Lady whom I had been chatting to on Thai Love Links for a two Week stay in Phuket. I flew to Bangkok then onward with Thai Air Asia (Really good Prices especially if you can book a couple of Months in advance). The Lady wanted me to meet Her in Her Home-Town in N.E. Thailand (Issan where else!!) After Two Days in Issan we flew to Phuket Via Bangkok. I booked and paid for all these Flights online and the prices were Great!! Just one small Caveat Air Asia’s Baggage allowance is abysmal so do not take too much stuff!!First Time in Thailand

Cutting to the chase here my relationship with this particular Lady was not destined to last. I enjoyed the Holiday (and the Sex) I also enjoyed my First Time in Thailand but Thanaporn was like all too many Thai Ladies who see finding a Falang as the beginning of acquiring life changing riches!! Even before we Flew to Phuket I noticed when we went anywhere she walked so far behind me that it appeared She was not in fact with me,which was exactly the impression She wanted to give!! On the second Day a wet Sunday Morning She told me She needed some Medicine.So we took a Tuk Tuk to a nearby (Private Hospital)

At the Hospital what She in fact obtained was a Complete Medical Check Up,after an hour we left Thanaporn clutching a vast array of drugs. Readers of my other scribblings will understand that my Holiday Companion was just another Issan Lady on the Make. Thanaporn is not a bad or a nasty Woman,She is a poor Woman doing what Hundreds of Thousands of Issan Women have done before Her. I am afraid that ending up with a Lady like Thanaporn is the likely outcome of any Liaison with a Thai Woman. In reality Thanaporn was an Angel in comparison to the type of Woman I am afraid many Falang end up with!!First Time in Thailand It is all too easy to forget why Thai Women are looking for a Falang. As long as YOU do not forget there is no reason why you cannot have a great time in Thailand!!

Looking back now my First Trip to Thailand was not a bad way to be introduced to the reality of Thailand. Thanaporn was not made to be a Hustler,She just wanted what She had heard so many of Her Friends describe. She wanted a Rich Foolish Falang who would buy her lots of stuff, maybe even a House and allow Her to live like the Women She sees on the Silly Thai Soap Operas. What She did not want particularly was having to be with a Falang to get all these Luxuries. This is the Dichotomy of Thailand,Thai Women are desperate to land a Falang but for all the wrong reasons.

What I mean by the above is simply Thai’s like Thai’s they are confused/not interested in Western Culture.They are only happy living their life in the Thai style.When I tell my Girlfriend that Thais have only recently come down out of the Trees,this is of course a Racial Slur and not based on fact. What is true is that Thailand Did Not have an industrial Revolution and that as recently as 50 Years ago the Majority of Thais lived in exactly the same way as they had done for the preceding 5 Centuries.There was no Electricity ,Transportation was by Ox Cart people would live and Die in their  small Village. Within two Generations these, Thais and Lao who lived essentially as Feudal Peasants  have been Catapulted into a Modern age they do not understand and are not equipped to cope with!!First Time in Thailand

This is the background of the vast majority of Issan Women looking for a Falang, they do not  want to change anything about their and their Families lifestyle. What they want is money to buy the Giant Flat Screen TV or huge Pick Up Truck,outside America Thailand is the Country with the most Pick Up Trucks in the World!! Thais love these Monster Vehicles, One sees them everywhere, just arrived from the Village with the entire Family squatting in the back, I often wonder how many were in fact bought by Falang!! These Women and their Families love the way they live,the Falang only comes into the picture to pay for all the luxuries!!

For the above stated reasons my Girlfriend for example is at Her Happiest sitting around on the floor at her Mothers House eating Tom Yam Snake or Rat Soup, she adores eating Dog!!! The average Thai has no interest in the rest of the World, he is never going to see it. As I state repeatedly Thai Culture has taught them to be suspicious of Foreigners. Of Course Thai’s are rightly proud of the fact that they were never Colonized in the way that practically every other Country in S.E Asia was.The French had Lao,Vietnam and Cambodia the British Singapore, Malaysia and Burma etc.

It is my Personal View that Thailand would be a better Happier Country with a more enlightened and Open minded Population had they been Colonized. This is a personal opinion which I would never share with any Thai, but I do believe that the inward looking attitude which Plagues Thailand comes from the fact that Thailand has tried and succeeded in keeping the World out!! Thailand’s Culture is fatally flawed, the minority who have the power and the Wealth keeping the majority firmly in their place with the assistance of a Corrupt Police Force and Army and their special secret Weapon which is the fact that Thai’s love to Grovel!! While the rest of Asia has embraced the wider World with all it’s opportunities Thailand continues to pretend it does not need the despised Foreigners!!First Time in Thailand

This propensity of Thai’s to Grovel to Authority is evident in every walk of life here.The entire population of course will prostrate themselves before the Buddhist Religion and the Monarchy. But it goes much deeper than this any Authority figure in Thailand is deferred to and almost literally will have his feet kissed by his Social inferiors!! My Neighbour the director of a Thousand Pupil Secondary School in the Thai Countryside asked me if I would visit and talk with his Pupils who were studying English. I should just add that this Guy only bothers to attend his School One or at most Two Days per Week!!

On arrival at the School I was amazed at the nauseatingly servile way the staff behaved toward this Lazy Man, it was as if he were some kind of Demi God.The Director’s Male Secretary approaching the Exalted Beings desk his head bowed so low that I thought he was attempting to lick the floor with his tongue!! The Schools Teachers deferred to the Director,albeit not in quite such an  abjectly Grovelling way as the Secretary had!! At Lunch time the Director enjoyed a long lazy meal with Four or Five Male Teachers Sitting in a Shady spot overlooking a Pretty Rice Paddy.

As with most things in Thailand it was the Female Teachers who actually attempted to do the teaching. The Male Teachers were there for the Money ,and as long as they kept on the right side of their Boss (Grovelled,Fawned and Brown Nosed) they were assured of having a job for Life!! In the same way as his Staff Grovel to Him the Director will Grovel before his superiors,this is how Thailand works, or rather does not work!! Incidentally Thailand has the Lowest achieving Education system in S.E. Asia. As with everything else in Thailand it is the outside appearance which counts, on the face of it Thailand has lots of quite well funded modern Schools.The fact that these Schools churn out Millions of poorly educated under achievers is conveniently ignored!!First Time in Thailand

In fact there is little incentive for pupils to learn, the system is so Mad that no one is allowed to fail!! Even if a Student misses 90% of classes he will not be failed in exams!! The foregoing combined with the fact that in any decent career in the Public Sector the job has to be bought, mean that the majority of Thai’s are going nowhere!! This inherently unfair and corrupt system of course precludes anyone not from a Wealthy well connected Family from prospering in Thailand!!

OK I appear to have strayed from the point somewhat as regards making your First Time in Thailand a Holiday with a Thai Lady of your choice. I think that it is a rather good idea,obviously two Weeks is not long enough to really get to know someone. It will tell you however if there is any likelihood that you may be compatible. You will be able to tell by the amount of calls She makes and receives from Her Family how much influence they exert over Her. And you should be able to gain some understanding of what the financial demands on you going forward may be. Of course all of this presupposes that you have met someone on Thai Love links to whom you are attracted.

I do not blame my readers for wondering if I actually expect any of them to bother coming to Thailand after all the dire warnings I give regarding Thai Women and their Families.Yes is the answer Men chase Women and nothing I say will change that, nor indeed should it!! For Men of a certain age finding a Sexy Woman is really only possible in a Country like Thailand. Provided One uses caution and is skeptical about what One is being told it is possible to have great time in Thailand. As I state repeatedly it is only Naive/Stupid Men who come to grief here!! If after your First Time in Thailand you decide that Thailand and Thai Ladies are not for you, it has only cost you a Holiday!!


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