Devious Thai Women

Devious Thai Women



There he goes again banging on about Devious Thai Women I hear the skeptics groan! I know it sounds like I have a huge down on Thais and Thailand this is in fact not the case.What chiefly concerns me is that the huge majority (Lets make that ALL) of  the Thai Women who are looking for a Falang are doing so purely for financial gain this makes them Devious and of course for the unsuspecting/uneducated Pussy Hunting Falang  Dangerous Thai Women!!Devious Thai Women

I have just read a fascinating article by an Australian whose Mother is a Thai. The title of this Article is “Why I never Married a Thai” The reasons this Guy broke up with all of of his Thai Girl Friends were all Cultural. While he acknowledges the fact that their are presently an unprecedented number of  Money Hungry Thai Ladies in pursuit of a Falang this is not listed amongst his 5 Reasons. I think this Guys experience of Thailand goes back a fair number of Years and he knows what he is talking about!!

Let me say immediately this Guy delves into the Thai Mind-Set much deeper than I feel competent to attempt!! I was amazed however that my opinions which have been arrived at by experience,  observation and pure Gut Instinct coincide so closely with his carefully reasoned conclusions!! In effect I think we are essentially both saying the same thing, albeit from different perspectives.Devious Thai Women

The Author of the Articles first and Paramount reason for rejecting Marriage with any Thai Woman is their blatant lack of Honesty!!  Blog readers will be aware that I frequently mention that Thai’s do not actually concern themselves with the Truth. Expediency and saving Face are what is important to ALL Thais. Truth is an extraneous concept which has little bearing on the daily Life of a Thai!! Of course this means that in any relationship with a Thai Woman you will ALWAYS be left wondering is this for real or is She feeding me some Thai Bullshit!!

He also mentions that Thais will never admit to being in the wrong this is something I constantly notice with my Girlfriend, even if She is talking total nonsense as far as She is concerned She is Right!! Although many will say that this last is true of Women everywhere ( just as well not many Women read my Blog!!)

One further point the Author makes regarding Thais behaviors regards their attitude to supposed friends he states that when things are going well the Thai is your staunch friend but as soon as things begin to go wrong the Thai will immediately disappear off of your Radar!!


I have to say that upon reading the Article I become overwhelmed by the magnitude of defects in the Thai Character which the Author exposes. And that everything that this Guy writes reinforces my Core Belief that NO Thai is ever to be trusted!! The Article is quite a long read but I earnestly urge any reader who doubts the veracity of what I write about Thais to read the Article and judge for themselves. Upon reading the Article I imagine that many readers who consider that I exaggerate when I write that all Thais are untrustworthy will come to agree with my opinions!!Devious Thai Women

There are things about Thais which I admire their love of Children, their ability to smile when their life is pretty crummy!! But I am afraid that these positives are heavily outweighed by the intrinsic Dishonesty, and their stupid prejudice against Foreigners in General and Westerners in Particular!! Thais dear Reader are a thoroughly Fucked Up Race!!

I do understand that my opinions are probably deeply disappointing for any Guy looking to make a new life in Thailand. I firmly believe however that the truth as unpalatable as it may be will serve these Men Better than some of the Bullshit which they might read Online ” The Land of Smiles Blah Blah!!” When One accepts the reality of Thailand it becomes easier to deal with the Nutty situations which One is likely to encounter

On Re-reading the Article in question my feelings remains that it is just not worth trying to have a close relationship with any Thai Male or Female. If One is misguided enough to place Ones trust in ANY  Thai One is eventually going to be disappointed!! Better by far to keep your dealings with all Thais on a Smiley, casual and superficial level in this way both you and the Thai will be a lot happier!!

My feeling is that after reading some of my stuff  also “5 reasons why I never Married a Thai” and possibly some of the other Online Content any Guy who still wants to Marry/Live with a Thai Woman is in urgent need of Psychiatric help!! Close involvement with a Thai Woman is a Guaranteed recipe for financial meltdown and possibly Physical harm!! The Land of Smiles is inhabited by some of the most devious, unstable and possibly dangerous people on Earth, you have been warned!!

As a Footnote to this Article I want to briefly relate a couple of details regarding a Brutal Murder which took place several Months ago  in Udon Thani an outwardly Sophisticated and Prosperous Issan Town.

The 60 Year Old Dutch owner of a Night Club was Stabbed/Slashed to Death by two Assailants. The Thai Manager of the Nightclub and another employee had followed the Owner who called in at the end of each Evening to collect the Takings!! When he arrived Home the two attacked him. In an Orgy of Cruelty they practically disemboweled the terrified Dutchman.

They stole the takings and One of them promptly lost his share in a Nights Gambling!! It transpires that the Manager had already done Jail time for Murder!! Now these Scum obviously had a problem with their employer and it is highly likely that they believed that he had caused them to loose face due to the way he had spoken to them during past disagreements!!

My point is that in a Western Country if someone hated his Boss he would simply look for another job, or possibly punch his Boss in the face, not disembowel him!! The Stupidity/Barbarism displayed by these two Losers is NOT uncommon here!! One is talking about a Country with a flawed Culture and a huge number of “Screwed up inhabitants!!” Welcome to “The Land of Smiles!!!”











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