Dating Thai Ladies

Dating Thai Ladies

Thailand has a lot to offer Tourists, apart from Dating Thai Ladies (Some of the Sexiest Women on the Planet!!) It also has a huge choice of Holiday destinations. From a Superb Paladian Mansion overlooking Bangkok’s Chao Pra River to amazingly stylish Resort Hotels on Tropical Islands. From small Boutique Hotels in Chiang Mai to Floating Jungle Rafts on the River Kwai at Kanchanaburi. One thing all of these hotels have in common is value for Money. One can stay in Bangkok’s Top 5 Star Hotels and pay considerably less than the cost of a Room in a pretty average Three Star London Hotel!!

Dating Thai Ladies

River Kwai Jungle Rafts.

As regards who you intend to share your great Hotel with let me be Brutally frank here the many Tens of Thousands of Issan Ladies intent on finding a Falang are in it for the cash!! It intrigues me as to why so many Men Dating Thai Ladies actually expect it to be any other way. Let us theoretically reverse the situation how many Beautiful Young American or European Women would be queuing up to Date a 50/60 year Old out of Condition Thai Man who spoke no English!! Men who understand how this game is played can have a great time in Thailand. Willfully Naive Romantics on the other hand will be bedazzled, Bamboozled and comprehensively FLEECED !!Dating Thai Ladies

I think part of the problem relates to some kind of weird Male Conceit. Many of the Falang who come here will never see 60 again. The majority of them are pretty poor specimens of Virile and Handsome Manhood!! And yet these Bald overweight old Gits (I include myself in everything apart from overweight) fully expect and allow themselves to believe that a Beautiful 25 Year Old Thai Sex dream is interested in them for their Wit, Charm and Looks!!!! COME ON GET REAL HERE!! lets face it no Woman in the least bit Sexy or Good Looking in your own Country has been interested in you for the past 25 Years!!!!! That is why you came to Thailand!!!!! But for goodness sake try to understand the way it works!!!!!

While I constantly warn of the dangers of attempting to settle down buy a House etc. with an Issan Woman. I am all in favour of taking an attractive Issan Woman on Holiday. In fact in the Town where I live a couple of Years back an enterprising Thai attempted to package that very Idea!! He assembled a “Stable” of Attractive Issan Females and put a Video on you tube, I think that Customers had to pay him 20.000 Baht ( from which he will have paid the Lady) !! My point is that you can do all of this yourself there are literally Dozens of Women on Thai Love Links who would adore going on Holiday with you. In exactly the same way that Stupid Men waste Thousands of Pounds on using a Thai Marriage Agency to find them a Woman this can be achieved for a fraction of the Cost on Thai Love Links!!! all you are doing is cutting out the Middle Man!!Dating Thai Ladies

For Men who are attracted to Asian Women and are interested in Dating Thai Ladies Issan is the Mecca!! I was in my Towns “Uber Chic” New Shopping Mall with a friend from New Zealand the other Day. As we wandered round we were Dazzled by the sheer numbers of beautiful Sexy Women we saw!! We decided that One will see more truly Beautiful, Desirable Women in this Shopping Mall in One Hour than One could expect to find in London,Paris and New York in a Week!! This is why Western Men come to Issan!!!

Obviously the Thai Ladies you will meet on Thai Love Links or indeed meet here are hoping for a lasting relationship (actually what they are hoping for is a Dumb Falang who will Smile Sweetly whilst handing over vast amounts of Cash!!) I am aware that my Cynicism shines through all of my writings. I am after all writing about Issan, and there are two inescapable facts about Issan that One should be aware off. Number One it is where most Falang making the move to Thailand choose to Live. The other thing one must understand about Issan is that the Women here are seeking a Falang purely and simply to enrich themselves and their Families. There are exceptions to the above but very few.Dating Thai Ladies

While I was sounding off as regards Issan Ladies being very keen on getting their Falang to buy a House and subsequently dumping the Falang . An Australian Buddy took issue with me ” that is exactly what Thousands of Australian Women will do also he defended the Females of Issan. While accepting his general point i.e. when relationships go sour it usually ends up just being a messy squabble over who gets what!!. And in most Countries when a Marriage hits the rocks the Man very often experiences financial Melt-Down caused by a system which gives the impression of being tilted heavily in favour of the Wife.

As regards the above my viewpoint is that in the West most Marriages begin with both parties being committed to at least to trying make it work. What happens in the following years is quite another matter and nothing ever gets totally messed up without help from  both sides!! While here, there is to my mind a ruthless calculation at work right from the beginning. Finding a Falang is seen by the vast majority of Issan Women solely in Financial terms!! I am truly sorry to say that my belief is that even without the Mercenary Nature of Thai Women and their Families, the gap between the two Cultures is practically insurmountable!!

All of the above should in no way discourage you from coming to Thailand.If you are looking to make a fresh start in a Warm,exotic Country where you can live incredibly cheaply this is the Place. If you have a passion for Truly Beautiful Asian Women and would enjoy Dating Thai Ladies then this is the Place. However if you want to settle down buy a House and get Married then I do not believe this is the place!!! To use myself as an example I have a Beautiful Thai Girlfriend but because of the nature of the Thai Family and the quite frankly Alien and Flawed Thai Culture I would never consider Marrying Her

Dating Thai Women

Smile House Boutique Hotel Chiang Mai

It might help to understand the way Falangs are viewed by the average Thai. For example Thai’s believe that Falang only end up with ugly Thai Women. As my Australian Buddy was told by a Thai Man ” You get the Ones we don’t want”!! The above is closely related to the fact that the Majority of Thai Falang Relationships involve a Woman from Issan (Dark Skinned) Thai’s from the South describe the Inhabitants of Issan as being ” Lao from a Poor Province”!! The more affluent Southern Thais Look down on Issan and it’s 22 Million Inhabitants and would never consider Marrying any Issan Female!!

All Falang are Rich!! this again is a view held by most Thai’s. We are considered to be Dating Thai WomenLoud,Rude and Vulgar. To give one small example Thai’s are disgusted to see Western Men wandering around in Public with their Torso uncovered. In a Swimming Pool I go to sometimes many Thai Men wear an all in One swimming suit which covers their upper Body. Thai’s are incredibly Prudish and it is only the Lowest Class Males who are seen in public without their upper Body being covered!! Of course when Thai’s see a Falang wandering around in a state of undress it simply reinforces all the prejudices they hold regarding “Barbaric Falang”!!

Getting back to my enthusiasm for taking a Thai Lady on Holiday. This I think is a perfect compromise for Men who do not want to spend their Holiday being picked up by Bar Girls in Pataya. And who are interested in living in Thailand but who do not quite know where to begin. By taking an attractive Thai Woman on Holiday you have protected yourself from a lot of the downside that a newcomer to Thailand has to Guard against. And you are in a great position to find out what it is that the Partner you have chosen is all about. If at the end of the Holiday you feel that the Lady is not for you (for whatever reason) you simply give her a nice present (Cash) and do not see her again.Dating Thai Ladies

Any Men who feel guilty about inviting a Thai Lady on Holiday without having made any ongoing commitment to Her is too sensitive by far, Any finer feelings or Chivalry displayed toward Issan Ladies are misplaced. If you are the type of Man who wears his Heart on his sleeve I urge you not to even consider coming to Thailand. Soft Gooey Romantics do not prosper here.  Naive soft Hearted  Men are likely to find themselves and their Bank Account Eaten Alive by a Voracious Issan Lady!!



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