Aids In Thailand

Aids In Thailand

Aids In Thailand is a huge problem.Thailand has more than Half a Million People who are HIV Positive,the largest incidence in SE Asia. The Thai Government are,with outside help tackling the problem and the annual incidence of new infections has fallen dramatically.Any Man Thai or Western who has unprotected Sex with a Thai Male/Female is taking a huge risk of contracting Aids In Thailand!!Aids In Thailand

My Swedish Chum informs me that of all the new cases of HIV reported in Sweden a large percentage are Men who have visited Thailand (Sex Tourists!!) While yet another sizable percentage are Thai Women who have come to live in Sweden.Unlike most European Countries it is relatively easy to bring your Thai Girlfriend back with you.As many of these new arrivals in Sweden are Women who worked in the Thai Sex Industry they are likely to be carrying more than their Buddha Medallions with them!! It would appear that Aids In Thailand is one of the Country’s less well documented exports!!

OK nobody likes having to wear a Condom!! For a small additional payment most Thai Prostitutes/Bar-Girls will forgo the protection afforded by her Partner wearing a Condom.Of course One does not need a degree in Higher Mathematics to calculate the risks  both for Her and all Her future Customers who insist on Riding Bareback are multiplying all the time!!

I am aware that this topic is not particularly easy or enjoyable to read about.I am pretty sure however that reading about it beats the Hell out of being informed by your Doctor that you are HIV positive and that there is a possibility that you will develop Full Blown Aids,and at the very least you are going to have to take Anti Retro Viral Drugs for the rest of Your Life!! All of this because you did not wear your Overcoat that Hot Night in Pattaya!!

Aids In Thailand

Cabbages and Condoms Restaurant.Gets the message out!!



To reiterate unprotected Sex is Widely and relatively cheaply available in Thailand. Because of Greed,Ignorance and the unshakeable belief in MaiI Bpen Rai (No Problem) most Thai Sex-workers will,for a small extra charge allow you to “Go Bareback!!” Only you can decide if the extra thrill on offer is sufficient to risk the clearly understood possible consequences of contracting Aids In Thailand!!

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